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    Anyone going to the Latin Dinner at Trinity Grammar?
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    hey guys and gals if any ppl out there are doing architecture at any uni could u post some info about ur opinion of the course (in that uni) and the workload. I want architecture at usyd, but I want to make sure this is the right decision... any info is much appreciated!!
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    okay this is for a friend but if n w one does education degrees at new england how do they find it?
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    does n e one on the forum go here

    how is this place?? -first post-
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    Just wondering

    Is the School Cert based on the exam mark only or your assessment marks as well, cause I heard they've changed it since I did it
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    revising in these final weeks

    any one have any good advise for the last few weeks of revision?
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    typical attendance hours

    Would anyone (pref a sciece student) be able to post their timetable (or someversion of it) so I can see whats the typical attendance hours per day in uni?? Im asking coz I was thinking of doing a tafe course part time (fine arts) with a science degree but I need to know roughly if its...
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    how come this degree (from what I hear) is only 4 years long?! does anybody know how its structured? I only ask because I thought double degrees are 5 years
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    Year 10ers relax

    Look, you might think that Year 10 is a big deal, that if you don't pick the right subjects you won't get into uni or even that if you screw up you HSC that your life will be a failure. But just realise that its ok to do badly in Year 10 and make it a learning curb instead of putting stress on...
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    15 mark diff= ranks not counting?

    I heard a rumour that if there is a 15+ mark difference between assesment mark and HSC mark, they give you some sort of special consideration, or like you arent affected by your skools moderation ranking. is this tru or bs?
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    early round offers?>

    What are these and how do ppl get em?
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    getting above 99.5+

    for the ppl who got like over 99.5 , did u ace every assement? Were you ranked in the top ten in all your subs? did u study 5+ hours a day? I want a uai above 99.6 but so far my ranks and marks indicate I will probably get close to 98+ so far, should I be getting (or at least...
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    maquarie uni revision guides?

    has any one looked at the chem one? I was thinking of buying it coz its cheap (23ish) but I was just wondering what u ppl thought.
  14. P do raw marks get aligned

    ok Im a bit confused on how maths marks get aligned, say in 3u a person got a raw mark of 65%, (in a fairly good selective school), is there a hells chance for 90% aligned? basically what kinda raw marks (roughly) for 2 u and 3 u does one need for an aligned mark of over 90?
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    titration comp?

    did n e one enter that today? (21/06/03) I was at the sydney one, Fort street high teams.... (we were the ppl in maroon)
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    ranking- how is this determined?!?!

    Ok Ive had a couple of arguments about this with ppl, so I thought i might ask you guys, Person x gets 17/20 in an assessment , 4 other ppl get that, and with each subsequent mark up, a bunch of ppl get it, ie, 5 ppl get 18, 3 get 19 and 2 get 20. is person x ranked 4th? or will they be...
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    Australian National University

    hey , Is anybody interested in going here? or any 2002 ppl gone? I wanna know if they found it good or not, coz canberra is a big move for me so I wanna know if its worth the trouble.
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    lazseeker sold out to UAI seeker?

    ok I need this clarified, has lazseeker now become UAi seeker, ie we now have to PAY for UAI estimates?? if yes then Y?????? -i know i know I had a similar thread to this but I really did depend on lazseekr for goal setting to see how hard I needed to work.
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    WHERE is Laz seeker???

    eeek its a tragedy I cant seem to find laz seeker, if anyone can tell me what happened to it, I would be very happy.
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    4 u english vs 4 u maths

    which is harder 4 u eng or maths?\ I say maths but thats only cos I really suck at it, (i do 3u maths), but I find all 4 units of english are easy as pie, a lot of work but not hard What do u lot think? I thought I might add, I go to a selective school where it is the norm to do at...