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    How to solve this?

    Does anyone know how to solve this inequality? I don't quite get how to approach it.
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    Anyone have any resources or notes on scission or an imaginary life

    Hey Does anyone have any resources or notes on scission or an imaginary life? Anything would be helpful. Thanks
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    Year 11 Biology and English

    Hello everyone Just wondering if anyone can recommend any good tutoring classes/ 1-1 for biology and english advanced? I can't find any so far. Do you recommend tutoring for english and biology or should studying it individually be enough. I am really confused and unsure of what to do. It's...
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    How to study and improve for chemistry and Math Extension 1 for the Holidays?

    Hello guys, I have chosen chemistry and Maths Extension 1 as two of my subjects for next year. Can you please provide me with useful tips on how I can study them in the holidays to increase my grades in these subjects. any answers would be helpful. Thanks
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    How to prepare for chemistry and biology for year 11

    Hey guys, can someone please give tips on how to prepare for chemistry and biology for year 11 because I don't want to fall behind the school.
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    Sweet Potato Dehydration Experiment

    Hello Guys, I have a project where we have to make our own experiment and find the science behind it. The original experient is dehydrating a Potato, but we were required to change it so I made it into sweet potato dehydration. Its the same but we just changed the potato to sweet potato. The...
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    Which tutoring centers are best for these subjects?

    Hello I am doing my hsc in 2021 and planning on starting tuitions for my different subjects which include: 1. Advanced math/3u 2. Advanced English/3u 3. Biology 4. chemistry 5. economics Any advice will be great.
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    Hello I was wondering is anyone selling textbooks for year 11 for the following subjects which are new syllabus: 1. english advanced 2. Math advanced/3u 3. Biology 4. chemistry 5. economics or do they know any good website that sell these subject books? Also do you know which is the best book...