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    To all the people who have done the hsc or are in year 12 right now...

    Studying isn't hard. What's hard is failing and having no path to some meaningful employment. So why would you make it hard for yourself by not studying when that's the easiest part of it all. Is that good enough motivation?
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    TurnItIn Check before submitting.

    Check your plagiarism? You shouldn't be plagiarising at all. If you haven't plagiarised anything, just submit it.
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    Aligned mark question

    Yes. 2019 was the first HSC examination for the new Physics Stage 6 syllabus. It's not unreasonable for there to be large shifts from the norm when there has been a substantial change. Similar case in Biology.
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    Aligned mark question

    I have tried to maintain accuracy of the database, and in this instance, it does seem hard to believe that a 59/100 could be aligned to 85, but there were reasons for accepting it and giving the student the benefit of the doubt. To be conservative, it might be best to ignore that mark and refer...
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    Total HSC Exam Marks

    As in the total exam marks available. The exam paper is out of 70 (and it used to be out of 84).
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    Total HSC Exam Marks

    Apart from HSC exams out of 100 and 50, and MX1 out of 70, are there any other subjects that are out of a different total?
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    Updated Raw Marks Database (sortable excel file)

    Updated with some 2019 raw marks. HSC results services are available here:
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    HSC Raw Marks Database has been updated with some 2019 raw marks.

    HSC Raw Marks Database has been updated with some 2019 raw marks.
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    Am I screwed for my ATAR with these English marks?

    If you do end up last in your grade, then your internal mark will be adjusted to equal the lowest exam mark of your cohort (or thereabouts). This process accounts for outliers. If you do end up coming last, you need to realise that you probably won't get 92/100 because you haven't demonstrated...
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    Ranks - Thoughts?

    Your ranks aren't nearly as important as actually understanding the content. What good is being top 5 if you and the rest of your cohort don't understand much? Best thing is to do past papers, even now (when the term starts - best to relax during your breaks). If you can't manage your way...
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    If you completed a B. Adv Science, what more do you need to do to be an Engineer

    At UNSW, yes, the great majority of students will have completed Honours as that is a key indicator for your higher research capabilities. What is probably more important than the university reputation is your area of research and your supervisor. Think end game. If you want to primarily teach...
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    UNSW - WAM for double degrees...?

    If you drop, your WAM at the time you were doing Adv Sci / CS will still be shown wherever reported. A new line item will show your updated WAM after you have transferred to Adv Sci. Any CS courses will still show and still be calculated in your WAM.
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    UNSW - WAM for double degrees...?

    The WAM that is calculated is irrespective of your degree(s). It's simply the weighted average of all your course marks. Therefore you will only see one total WAM wherever it's reported. Your WAM is printed on a downloadable transcript, however, it is not printed on your official transcript...
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    help with timetable

    ENGG1000 is clashing with itself. Exact same thing happened to me 7 years ago, nothing to worry about.
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    long time no post :)

    All marks have some effect on your ATAR, whether big or small. What's happened has happened - you are best now to identify how to improve, work on that, and increase your marks for your next assessment/exam. Remember your marks determine your ranks, not the other way around. You need to get...
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    Raw marks report

    The majority of marks here were from a raw marks report: You'll find old threads here with people posting their raw marks. Results check is a clerical check to ensure all marks are accounted for and properly processed. There have been instances where marks were amended...
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    raw marks 2018

    The majority of marks here were from students who purchased their marks: It's something that's nice to know, but it won't be something you regret if you don't.
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    How definite are atar cutoffs for degrees?

    If the uni says this is the guaranteed entry mark, then yes. Otherwise, it is purely on supply and demand. Published cutoffs are typically of the year before. It can also be inflated for basically advertising purposes, but the actual number of students granted a position could bring the actual...
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    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    Alignment affects both the exam and assessment mark. This can be only 2 things - either you were marked incorrectly, or you genuinely got those marks for the exam.
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    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    You will need to purchase your raw marks report.