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  1. Sadiah

    Limited repping

    I exceeded my repping capacity like an hour ago. And when I wanted to rep someone, it said you've repped too much in the past 24 hours or some crap like that. And then, I repped this BoSer just then, and it worked. But, when I tried it again on someone else (just to check) it said the whole...
  2. Sadiah

    Just curious.

    Atheism Agnosticism Humanism Which one appeals to you the most? EDIT: Just to make it easier for those who don't understand these concepts: "Atheism is the classic denial of belief in a god. 'Theos' means god and the 'a' means denial." "Agnosticism is a slightly more humble...
  3. Sadiah

    Has anyone ever done these units?

    ENGL101 RELS181 EDIT424 Anyone?
  4. Sadiah

    Text Encoding

    Say like a website is in a different language, and you want the language to be in English so you could understand ... How would you do that? Thanks
  5. Sadiah

    HSC Hotline- Society?

    Is there a HSC Hotline for Society and Culture? Thanks
  6. Sadiah

    Highest Exam Mark for Business?

    Sorry, what was the highest mark for the HSC Business Studies Examination in 2008? Thanks.
  7. Sadiah

    HSC Business Studies 09

    Are diagrams applicable in the Business Studies Extended Response and/or Report? (Brief diagrams to visualise a particular point) Thanks.
  8. Sadiah

    ATAR mark? - please

    School Rank - early 500ish [yeah i know very bad] - Private school though. English (standard) 1/11 I dont know my overall marks but their in the 80s. Ancient History - 1/7 Overall: 86% Legal Studies - 2/9 Overall: 88% Business Studies - 3/12 Overall: 88% Society and Culture - 1/7 Overall: 94%...