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  1. irvine

    Studying in Israel

    Hey, I was just wondering if anybody on these forums has any (or knows anybody who has) experience with the ULPAN/semester/year programs at HUJ or TAU. Any information about the competitiveness of these programs (ie expected SAT scores) would be greatly appreciated, as well as what you thought...
  2. irvine

    Short Stories?

    I've been looking around for a good anthology of short stories to read. Anyone care to recommend one they've read? :)
  3. irvine

    Practice for Q7-8

    Okay, so- occasionally when I attempt a past paper, I can almost get full marks in the first 5-6 questions, but when I get to the Q7/Q8 (Harder 3U) I don't even have a clue where to start. It's not that I find the questions difficult to do, I simply don't have a clue. Aside from simple...
  4. irvine

    Paper Usage

    Okay, so I was wondering if anybody else has used a ridiculously large amount of paper since commencing their HSC. In between past papers and essays/notes/whatever, I swear I've used well into the 1000s of sheets >_< Plant trees in December?
  5. irvine

    Timing & Picking Questions

    So, recently we had an assessment task for 4U- 56 marks, 50 minutes. Of course, my timing was poor and I didn't finish >> It did, however got me thinking; In the trial/HSC exam, is there a strategic way to complete the paper? How did you complete it?
  6. irvine

    Preparing for Module B

    So, I've done plenty of reading, research and practice essays, but the questions vary substantially. Thus, it doesn't really seem like good idea to play russian roulette and memorise one particular essay like you seem to be able to do for AOS/Mod A. So without attempting to memorise 10 pages...
  7. irvine

    How detailed are your economics notes?

    As thread title. ~30 pages per module myself. Might have to cut it down substantially...
  8. irvine

    Learning Ahead

    What is the most effective way of self-teaching the sciences/eco in the holidays? Reading the textbook seems like the obvious way but in my experience has been ineffective (far too easily forgotten). What else would you recommend in order to grasp the concepts and effectively "learn ahead"...
  9. irvine

    ATAR estimate?

    Here are my current ranks (hopefully they improve): Adv. English: 1/187 Math Extension 1: 7/~90 Math Extension 2: 4/~25 Economics: 4/~30 Physics: 3/~70 School Rank: 20-25 Thankyou :)
  10. irvine

    Steps in recursive induction?

    So, for these questions you get a sequence: U_{n}=4U_{n-1}-5U_{n-2}+2U_{n-3} and you're given something else: U_{n}=2^{n-1}-3n+5 & a set of 'conditions': U_{1}=3,U_{2}=1,U_{3}=0 But what do you actually have to PROVE, and what steps do you take to do it? Can somebody prove it...
  11. irvine

    External Stability

    We've been told our half-yearly exam extended response will be on external stability (CAD etc). What are the most useful/relevant statistics to memorise? Thankyou!
  12. irvine

    Studying on public transport?

    So I have a fair train commute to and from school (1 hour), and I usually just read news feeds on my phone. Does anybody get through homework/study on public transport? What do you do?
  13. irvine

    Getting assessments checked

    Is there a BOS policy regarding getting assessments checked before the due date/submission date? I've heard that you're allowed to have another teacher from another faculty do this but i'm not sure if that's a school policy or a BOS one or if there is no policy. Thankyou.
  14. irvine

    Michelson-Morley Experiment

    I'm looking at the syllabus and trying to write notes on the couple of dotpoints on the MM experiment, but i'm unsure of the depth we actually need to go into. Does anyone know how broad we need to be? Thanks.
  15. irvine

    Dot Point Phys Investigations

    Did anyone use this book? Does it go into enough depth in terms of practicals (validity, reliability ect), or do i need to go beyond this? Ive made very detailed notes for the second column of the syllabus but is it worth repeating for the third, or is it sufficent to rely on the DP...
  16. irvine

    Harder Circle Geometry

    HCG seems to be a case of "you either get it or you dont"; my teacher has suggested that more practice = improvement, but this doesn't seem to be effective. Is there a more effective way to improve in HCG? Any particular textbooks which cover it well? Thanks.
  17. irvine

    Focus (Frankenstein/Bladerunner)

    We've been told to read Frankentstein and watch Bladerunner over the summer holidays; What points/ideas/issues/themes (apart from the 4 contexts) should i be making notes on while I read it? Thanks in advance,
  18. irvine

    Polynomial Roots~

    Does anybody have a list of or link to a list of 'shortcuts' for solving sum/product of roots- e.g a^2 + B^2 = (a + B)^2 - 2aB, except for the more difficult kinds of questions? Thanks heaps
  19. irvine

    Complex locus help

    A question from the terry lee book: Arg \left (\frac{z -1}{z+1} \right ) = \frac{\pm 3\pi}{4} I get the shape of the locus, but am having trouble finding it's features (radius, centre ect) Checked the "worked solution" but it didn't help/ Thanks
  20. irvine

    Practice Papers

    2009 English trial papers seem to be very hard to track down- We have a practice reading assessment in the style of P1.S1 in a week and I've exhausted all the revision material being given to us. There isn't any in the resource section, anybody have them or links to them? Will post one up...