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  1. flipsyde

    Law and the Digital Economy Final exam spring 2004

    Hey I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get a copy of this test, and possibly answers so that I can refrence them? Thanks
  2. flipsyde

    Family First and BoS Member's Political Career Ruined

    There are only a select few of us that know the real truth behind all of it, even how the pictures were obtained. what hes saying is bullshit!
  3. flipsyde

    Family First and BoS Member's Political Career Ruined

    haha I was him last week in a cafe. I remember aaaages ago he was being an annoying twerp and was traynna recruit me to his student union thing at usyd. what a loser.
  4. flipsyde

    Comsoc Ball

    oh damn its the day before my 21st lol Ill be having mates from canberra over. Ill have to go next year instead.
  5. flipsyde

    26 ways a boy can show a girl he cares

  6. flipsyde

    I am being serious for once.

    My bf and I have been together for 1 year and almost 4 months and we havent said it yet. I am fine wiht it as I KNOW that we are not in love. Im happy. :) If he said it I honestly dont think I could say it back. Or at least mean it if I did. I dont care that we havent exchanged that yet :)
  7. flipsyde

    Those in Long Term Relationships Without Sex...

    My bf and I have been in a relationship for over a year and we havent yet. We've done other stuff but we haven't had sex yet. I know that he's ready for it and I *think* that I am ready for it. But I'm not sure that our relationship is ready. We've been through a bumpy road and almost broke...
  8. flipsyde

    bringing excitement into your relationship

    Well yeah you do need to constantly keep the excitement up because otherwise it'll get boring. Its not necessarily about that, I've never been bored around my significant other. I love going to his house and laying on tha couch, watching TV. Its something I could do for life with him. Thats...
  9. flipsyde

    bringing excitement into your relationship

    Hehe. Yeah the thing I chose to do doesn't just involve things like going out for dinner etc. On some of mine I wrote "Give me a hug for 3 mins and don't let go" another one I wrote was "sing to me". I wrote about 9 of these and couldnt think of a 10th so I just wrote "go out to dinner". I...
  10. flipsyde

    Gloria Jeans

    I showed up wearing a black long sleeve shirt that had some gold painted pattern on the sleeves, plain black pants and black shoes. I dunno if I got the job yet cos I only had my interview today but they seemed impressed.
  11. flipsyde

    What are you most likely to die from?

    You make a good point, I agree with you. But yeah although I am under 30 and am female. I love my life too much. I'd never kill myself.
  12. flipsyde

    What are you most likely to die from?

    hmmm I'm gonna go with high blood pressure. Because I doubt that I'm gonna have a heart attack etc. Evne though I eat a lot of junk I try to be healthy and I don't do much excersise but I am active. I also don't smoke etc. The reason I say high blood pressure is because I'm stressed a lot...
  13. flipsyde

    What do you have for breakfast?

    I don't usually eat breakfast. But I have been since I've been off uni. I have been eating porridge and sometimes cereal. On weekends I dont usually have breaky cos I get up at 10 and so I just wait a bit and have lunch. When I'm at uni I only have a coffee or a hot chocolate.
  14. flipsyde

    What have you eaten today?

    Breakfast= Baked Apple Oats (don't normally eat breakfast but meh) Lunch= I madesome dip with salmon and light cottage cheese and had crackers Snack= Veggie soup
  15. flipsyde

    MDes Sci- Digital Media

    yes I rang... you know how hard it is to get onto them... as well as email...they didnt answer my question which was can I choose core subjects from other courses as electives..
  16. flipsyde

    MDes Sci- Digital Media

    Hey there all I was wondering if you could all help me out. I recently got an acceptance letter for a mid year admission into M Design Science-Digital Media. My question is a little lengthy but if anyone could help me I'd greatly appreciate it. I went to a private college when I got my...
  17. flipsyde

    video taping sex

    I wouldn't let someone film it, not even to delete it afterwards. I'm sure itd be a great thrill lol but I couldnt risk it. I haven't had sex with my bf or anything but when we decide to, and he wants to film it Im gonna say no. As much and all as I do actually trust hed keep it to himself...
  18. flipsyde

    How did you even start?

    the night before I met my bf, I was talking to a friend on MSN.. She added him into the coversation and introduced us, and she was actually setting us up *rolls eyes*.we moved really fast to begin with, he told her that he was interested in me and she told me. He asked me out to the movies that...