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  1. starbaaa

    My plan to make the best of my preferences

    So, this is where I'm at: I really want to get into UQ. Lots of reasons, don't ask. If I don't get into UQ I want to get into UNE. I don't want to go anywhere else, and I'm quite definite on that. What I want to do is speech pathology, but as it had a cutoff last year of 95, my 81.00 UAI is...
  2. starbaaa

    Ranks fixed up?

    I know quite a few people have said their ranks as appeared on studentsonline were different to those which they thought they should have got, and that they were going to follow it up. So, has anyone followed it up? If so, has it changed on studentsonline? The reason for my question is that...
  3. starbaaa

    Did anyone else get a postcard from USYD?

    First the goodluck email, and now this... Yesterday I got a postcard from USYD. It had my name on the front. I liked that. Did everyone else who got the email also get the postcard?
  4. starbaaa

    Predict your HSC marks based on past results!

    Ok, heres the idea... have a look at your half yearly results, then your trials. How much did you improve/decrease by? Assuming you go up or down by the same amount for the HSC, what will be your marks for each subject? Heres mine: Adv. English: 70 Maths: 72 Chemistry: 57 Modern history...
  5. starbaaa

    What Indochina question did you do?

    Just wondering what question everyone chose for Indochina, US intervention/villagers or withdrawal/anti-war movements? I chose the anti-war movements...
  6. starbaaa

    Board-issued cardboard?

    So, the supervisors at my school have a box full of little cardboard squares, used for the purpose of supporting the legs of wobbly tables. The fact that they are perfect little squares, and they come in a box, made me think they might be from the good people at the Board of Studies. Did my...
  7. starbaaa

    Tour of Duty

    Just because I'm interested, has anyone doing Indochina seen the tv show 'tour of duty'? What do you think? It's... interesting...
  8. starbaaa

    Musicals = theatre music?

    Ok, um... I feel kinda stupid for asking this, but... ok, well, I'm doing music 1, and I just need someone to give me their opinion because I don't trust my teachers... does a song from a musical (like, one on video) count as a perfomance item for the topic 'theatre music'? Does it even matter...
  9. starbaaa

    Studying: where to start?

    Up til now I've been doing no study. So I figured that that since the half-yearlys are now behind me, I'm over halfway in most of my courses, and the HSC is only getting closer, that now is a good time to start to do some regular study. I figure that reading through my texts, taking notes...
  10. starbaaa

    Music 1 Assessments/Exams

    I was just wondering what other schools do in the way of assessments for music (whats in exams etc). I'm primarily interested in music 1, because thats what I do. I just recently did my half-yearly exam, which was actually three exams. The first one was a musicology paper, which consisted of...
  11. starbaaa


    Has anyone known of a teacher to give incentives to their classes for good performance in the HSC? As in prizes? As in $100 prizes for band sixes? Well, theres this teacher at my school, who told her classes (legal and business studies) that she will PAY THEM if they get a band six. Dammit...
  12. starbaaa

    Economic enterprises

    Ok, so... is 'Tourism Moree' an economic enterprise within the economic activity of tourism? It's the organisation responsible for encouraging and enhancing local tourism etc etc, and its sort of part of the shire council. Its resposible for maintaining economic growth and stuff, and it operates...
  13. starbaaa

    What electives do/did you do in yrs9/10?

    just cos I'm curious... what electives did (or do) you do in years 9 and 10? I did music and computer studies.
  14. starbaaa

    Viewing Sigs and Avatars

    I can't see anyones avatars or sigs. I wouldnt even know they existed if i hadnt read numerous references to them. I assume this is a problem with my computer, or maybe a firewall or something? Has this happened to anyone else, and is there anything i can do aout it?