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  1. blyatman

    R in PV=nRT

    That's because R is not dimensionless: E.g. for air at STP, R = 287 J/(kg K) in SI units. Thus, you need to match your units with the units of the value of R you use. So if you wanted to use units of kJ, kg, K, then R = 0.287 kJ/(kg K). See the link below for different values of R depending on...
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    Mean of a function

    Consider this example: Suppose you have a moving object, whose velocity varies according to some velocity function v(t) between t = 0 to t = T. Now, what is the total distance D travelled by the object between these 2 times? The answer is obviously: D=\int_0^Tv(t)dt Now ask yourself: what is the...
  3. blyatman

    Did you manage to finish graduate school?

    Depends on what type of degree you're pursuing and in which area. For sci and engineering, a PhD typically consists of 3 journal papers of work. These are not your standard 'articles', but are peer reviewed papers.
  4. blyatman

    U-sub vs reverse chain rule

    Reverse chain rule can be derived using U-sub (or can be verified using basic differentiation), and is a specific formula which can be applied to integrals with a specific format, whereas U-sub is a more general-purpose tool. As a result, it's always faster to do reverse chain rule than U-sub if...
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    Bc. Sci (Maths and Stats) or Bc. Sci (Adv. Maths) when going into investment banking or finance?

    I can't really comment on that, since I didn't do Acturial Studies, and a good answer to your question would require understanding your specific context (e.g. your interests, career goals, etc). Maybe someone else who has done Acturial can chime in, but you'd probably need to provide some...
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    Bc. Sci (Maths and Stats) or Bc. Sci (Adv. Maths) when going into investment banking or finance?

    No, employers do not care whether your degree had the word advanced before it or not, as the differences between a normal vs adv major aren't really that big (in some courses, they sit together in the same lectures, but just have harder assessments). Most advanced content is just extra stuff...
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    Bc. Sci (Maths and Stats) or Bc. Sci (Adv. Maths) when going into investment banking or finance?

    U can do advanced math and stats together cant you? If you can't, then take maths and stats. Nobody cares about adv maths.
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    Bio or Engineering Studies

    @Drdusk this your missus?
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    Help on HSC Scaling

    Ah that would make a lot more sense lol, my bad for the misinterpretation @_rakelt
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    Help on HSC Scaling

    It doesn't work like that. When people refer to scaling, its usually implied that it's referring to ATAR scaling. Someone who gets 89 in Math Ext 2 will get a much higher ATAR than someone who gets 90 in Standard Math (with all other things being equal) because Math Ext 2 scales much better...
  11. blyatman

    Jobs other then law

    Yes, there's plenty of jobs that you can land with a law degree, and a literal 10s google search will tell you. From my understanding, intelligence agencies do hire lawyers, since they need to know what is/isn't legal (though they tend to be on the blurry side of things, e.g. ASIO doesn't like...
  12. blyatman

    Why do people choose to do Law?

    Yeh that one definitely takes the cake as the most pathetic reason.
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    Mechanics question

    I've always wondered, do any schools teach the method where we don't have to manually calculate the constant C separately? By doing a definite integral, it saves a line or 2 of separately calculating C: \int_{60}^vdv = -10\int_0^tdt v-60=-10t v=-10t+60=10(6-t) I know I shouldn't be using the...
  14. blyatman

    CAD not taught?

    I'd be surprised if that were the case, but it could just be that they use another program. However, even in aero we only took one course involving solidworks, and most of us forgot how to use it since we didn't really use it again after that course. It's pretty easy to learn by these software...
  15. blyatman

    Does God exist?

    When looking at the bible, it is essentially a collection of letters/texts that date back to a time period, and should be analyzed as such. Most of them are essentially letters, which need to be in the context of that time period. Analyzing an english text is usually done with the purpose of...
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    What course in which uni do most Ruse graduates go to?

    ^very bold of you to change school based on some random unauthenticated post on this forum lol.
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    Does God exist?

    It seems that you're simply dismissing the possibility of ressurection because nobody else has done the supernatural, so therefore, it cannot possibly happen. In other words, you're automatically assuming that the supernatural is impossible as an argument to prove that the supernatural is...
  18. blyatman

    Does God exist?

    The second issue raised by @dan964 above lead me to remember something interesting. If you guys haven't seen it, I'd recommend watching Messiah on netflix. It's not about any one religion, but it's about a man who claims to be the Messiah, performing miracles around the world and gathering a...
  19. blyatman

    Does God exist?

    In that paragraph when I discussed the use of philsophical arguments, I was referring to the existence of a deity, rather than the deity of any specific religion. Philsophical arguments don't really apply to the former case, whereas they can to the latter, since as you said, a religion should be...