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  1. RenegadeMx

    Prove me wrong

    Islam is a cancerous tumor that must be eradicated
  2. RenegadeMx

    Limit of a sequence

    part c pretty sure limit is 0 though, but not entirely sure decided to divide into cases n=2k and n=2k+1 but get stuck afterwards
  3. RenegadeMx

    UNSW 2017 Semester 1 Timetables

    bojangles is update u know drill inb4 X-days master race
  4. RenegadeMx

    some differential geometry

    part b seems pretty confusing for me..
  5. RenegadeMx

    Parametrisation of Curves

  6. RenegadeMx

    Donald Trump will bring America to its knees

    something juicy from those leaks this will fuel racial tensions already high in America
  7. RenegadeMx

    BoS Cooking Thread

    I'll start us off
  8. RenegadeMx

    Linear Transformations

    stuck/confused about iii and iv
  9. RenegadeMx

    Linear Algebra

    5a, 5bii& iii
  10. RenegadeMx

    Russian Imperialism

    why communism is better
  11. RenegadeMx

    Neckbeard November

    everyone post their progress for neckbeard november, movember whatever you want to call it heres me
  12. RenegadeMx

    summer school

    im considering doing summer school to get ahead in my degree, anyone have any experiences with summer school, like how intense is it, is it good/bad ect