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    Which course should I do? Help please

    Hi, So due to health issues I didnt get the best ATAR I could have but its still not horrible (70s). Anyway Im tossing up between WSU Arts (Bankstown) and Deakin Arts (Cloud Campus). In terms of rankings, Deakin is ranked a lot higher than WSU but they don't offer a huge amount of units and I...
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    What are some good revision textbooks?

    Anyone recommend textbooks or resources for revision? I study ext 2 English, Ancient, Modern, History Ext and Legal.
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    I'm panicking

    Third week of year 12 and I have no idea what I'm doing for my short story. My teacher is mad at me and everyone in my class has a solid concept that works for them. I have a hard time committing to things and tend to be a perfectionist. I find so many things interesting but I cant seem to...
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    Advice on dropping subjects? :)

    Ok I feel really confused right now. My subjects for year 12 are Extension 2 English, Modern, Ancient, History extension, Legal and Business. My initial plan was to drop business as well as economics (dropped already) but I thought I'd test out my extension subjects first. I want to drop either...
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    How well should I be doing in English to do Extension 2?

    After the very rude careers advisor interrogated me about my subject selection for year 12 today, I began to doubt my abilities. I picked up Extension 2 but how well should I be doing in Advanced and Extension to be capable of extension 2? For advanced I've been getting low B range without...
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    How many hours a week should you work on EE2 outside of class?

    Is it best to work on it one day a week or more consistently?
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    How do I do well in a class taught by a crap teacher?

    Ok so at the beginning of the year I had a pretty decent legal teacher until the second term came and she was offered a better position. Once she left us in term 2 we ended up with one of the most unbelievable teacher. Honestly, she gives us the booklets she's told to give us and talks about...
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    Is dropping to 11 units too risky in my situation?

    Ok so I have 13 units currently - Ext English, Modern, Ancient, Business, Economics and Legal My plan was to drop economics and pick up history extension and extension english 2 and see if I didn't like one of them I'd drop and leave myself with 12 units. I dont like economics and business is...
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    How do you answer "to what extent?"

    I have an essay question asking to what extent and I'm not sure how to write it. What if one part of the essay is significant while another is not represented well at all. What would my thesis be and how will I do my topic sentences for each one? They wouldnt match. Idk maybe im overthinking it...
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    How does analysis in Ext1 differ from Advanced?

    I have an assessment due soon for extension. I need to justify why the gothic genre remains of value to a contemporary audience using two of Poe's texts and my own related (Sweeney Todd the movie) to support my argument. I know I have to analyse deeply but what kind of questions should I ask...
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    This is a problem I've been suffering with my whole life. It might seem like I'm exaggerating but I'm really not. Now that I'm in year 11, for some reason I thought I would be able to get over it since I enjoy my subjects a lot more but nothing has changed. I have half yearlies in less than a...
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    99+ atar at a low ranked school?

    Hey guys. I go to a shitty ranked school (170-200) and I was wondering if it's possible for me to get an ATAR of 99+. I don't think my school has achieved a mark like that for years. Last year a girl got 98 with high science and extension maths subjects but the rest of the high achievers were...
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    Headstart for year 11?

    Hey I know this might be early but my school's finished yearlies already and everything is really chill at school so I thought I'd get a headstart for next year. Does anyone recommend any textbooks I could use to learn some of the basic concepts I might need next year? Or even to improve my...
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    General maths or no maths at all?

    Hey, so I'm currently in 5.3 maths and failing (20-30% in my exams) while putting in effort. I'll admit probably not enough effort since I struggle motivating myself to do my homework some of the time, but I try. Maths just intimidates me and I honestly don't like it at all. Initially, my plan...
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    MacBook Air or Pro?

    Hi, I'll be in year 11 next year and I'm trying to decide between the MacBook Air or Pro 13". I've always thought the Air would be my best bet but I asked my IST teacher yesterday and she explained how it depends on the subjects you're taking. The only course I'm taking where I may need to...