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  1. Starcraftmazter

    Drinking during exam?

    Just read the rules, they say you're not allowed to drink (water) during the exam, unless under approved supervision. What the hell does that mean? We can't drink? We gotta call a supervisor to supervise drinking? Even if it takes like a second, we gotta like what, put up our hand, get someone...
  2. Starcraftmazter

    Found a possible bug in the system

    Does anyone know that if your unipass is really long (mine was 16 characters), then although (most?) other services will work, myUNSW won't? (Says invalid login, etc). :uhoh: I've sent the IT department an email about it.
  3. Starcraftmazter

    UNSW On-Campus Internet

    In regards to UNSW Campus Accommodation, the internet apparently costs 3 cents a megabyte which means I'd be paying over $600 a month, with my internet usage. Well that's pretty ridiculous, I mean, 3rd world countries probably have cheaper or similarly priced internet, and seriously...I don't...
  4. Starcraftmazter

    Software Engineering / Computer Science+Honours / Software Engineering + Commerce

    I've read all the stuff everywhere, and I still can't decide :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: Halp. Is the commence add-on for seng useful for anything other than making more money? What kind of jobs would follow? What's so hard in the 3rd year seng workshops which...
  5. Starcraftmazter

    Acronym Soup

    Does anyone know where I can find some definitions for all the acronyms used by universities for everything? Thanks :cool:
  6. Starcraftmazter

    Software Eng / Computer Science Double Degree?

    Sup. My desired course for uni is software engineering. Now I've been looking into doing a double degree of software engineering / science, and the uni resources I have read say that I cannot do computer science and software engineering. What is the reason for this? Thanks
  7. Starcraftmazter

    Vet IT OH&S Resources?

    Does anyone have any places where we can read about all the OH&S stuff we're supposed to know, or any other resources in this department? Thanks.
  8. Starcraftmazter

    Actual Error in Question 23 Algorith

    Actual Error in Question 23 Algorithm In the CheckPrime sub, THEN j=j+i Is actually meant to be: THEN j=j+1 It astounds me that BoS let this through, it confused me for a good 2-3 mins. Good thing I still had a ton of time to spare.
  9. Starcraftmazter

    Booklets + DFD

    I used 8 booklets :D I immediately requested 4 extras, after seeing we got 4. How much did everyone write? Also, with the DFD, what did you guys do? Did you connect it to the two other processes in the original diagram?
  10. Starcraftmazter

    Mnemonics Thread!

    These are curtosy of my class & teacher. I might remember more as I keep studying. If you have any, post away!!! Software Development Cycle Donkeys = Defining & Understanding the Problem Play = Planning and Design In = Implementation The = Testing & Evaluating Meadow = Maintenance Structured...
  11. Starcraftmazter

    The Upcoming Examination

    Any last tips, etc? Seeing as how I failed IPT MC, ima do the following: - Read every MC minimum of 2 times, preferably 3, or more if it's confusing. Also, when you get the 5 mins reading time, I generally fly through the stuff quickly if at all, and start on the MC straight away and...
  12. Starcraftmazter

    Mod Exp Decay - im doin it wrong

    i) Easy stuff - 5 second job. ii) Has me confused. The surrounding temp is -40 and the initial temp is 24 degrees, so the equation is: T = -40 + 24.e^kt At t=5, T=19, so working k out gives the result k = ln (59/24)/5 Which is actually a positive number. But that shouldn't be, since this is...
  13. Starcraftmazter

    Exact Answers vs Decimals

    If you get an answer which is a log to the base e of something, or has a log e in it somewhere, is it best to leave it in exact form or state it's decimal approximation? And if so to how many places? And would you have marks deducted if you do both?
  14. Starcraftmazter

    Boolean Algebra

    This is something completely outside the syllabus, but our teacher decided for the first time ever to try teaching the class Boolean Algebra. Basically, this is for questions where you are given certain conditions, and you must design a circuit to satisfy these conditions. These questions...
  15. Starcraftmazter

    Do we use techniques?

    I'm doing institutions & individuals, and it seems non-appropriate with questions in this module to state techniques - but do we need to? If I could have an answer before tomorrow's exam, that's be tops :P Thanks!
  16. Starcraftmazter

    SUP Lawson

    Okey. I have one sup text for Mod A: Telling Stories: Lawson, which is man from snowy river, since it seems to popular and fitting. I don't wana risk it not fitting or them asking for two texts, even though it's never goina happen. I just wana know, for this module and elective, what type of...
  17. Starcraftmazter

    Question about Assumed Knowledge

    Hello. I'm looking at the B. Software Engineering at the UNSW, and I'd like to know about the assumed knowledge part. As far as I've seen everywhere, the assumes/recommended knowledge is given as a general thing for all engineering courses. I would like to know if it is assumed...
  18. Starcraftmazter

    12 Units

    Seems I have 12 Units 2 - English 4 - Maths 2 - Information Processes and technology 2 - Software Design & Development 2 - Information Technology Yet for the UAI, I only need 10 units (right?), so will one of the subjects not count - the one I do worst in I assume, and can't be english?
  19. Starcraftmazter

    Poly: Deducing Trig stuff

    Question: a) Use De Moivre's theorem to express cos 3theta in terms of cos theta and sin 3theta in terms of sin theta. b) Use the result to solve the question 8x^3 - 6x+1=0 c) Deduce that i) Cos (2pi/9) + cos (4pi/9) = cos (pi/9) ii) cos (pi/8) . cos (3pi/8) . cos (5pi/8) . cos...
  20. Starcraftmazter

    Supplementary texts?

    What are some good (easy) modA supp texts?