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  1. nessie_lee

    BB drama's

    It's all fixed now! There was a great sigh of relief when they announced that here in the AIC!
  2. nessie_lee

    International House!

    Mate, have you been in the private rental market?... $153 a week including 5 nights a week dinner is pretty darn good. You don't have to pay electricity, water, gas, internet etc..... It's all covered, and you have the convenience of being on campus... The noise isn't what i'm looking forward...
  3. nessie_lee

    International House!

    After living off campus for a year and a half, I've been accepted for an on campus spot (hoorah!) at International House. I was wondering if people could tell me what it's like.. The pro's and con's... Better still, what's the food like? This is the bit that intrigues me the most... am I...
  4. nessie_lee

    Exam Results 05'

    Stupid uni server!!!.... aggh! :( still can't get my results.. this is killing me!
  5. nessie_lee

    Exam Results 05'

    It's not letting me on!!! the login page won't load.. what a pain in the bum! Every Tom, Dick and Harry must be trying to log on!
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    Psyc 1020 was horrible! ... i think i failed.. but who cares, i'm on holidays now! :D
  7. nessie_lee

    Blue Heelers

    No I think he meant Joss and Kelly should become an item, not leave the show. I think they'd be a cute couple... lol
  8. nessie_lee

    Musta been Week12

    Nah week 12 wasn't too bad for me actually. I had 8 things due before exams, but week 11 was my nightmare week. Things i have left: -Psych lab test on Thursday wk 13 -soca essay fri wk 14 -spsw essay fri wk 14 -Psych final exam Tues nov 8 Then I'm free! whoo hoo! :) can't wait!
  9. nessie_lee

    Home and Away

    Nah mate, Amanda fakes a miscarriage because she realises that she can't go through with the pregnancy thing. It's also to gain Scott's sympathy in an attempt to win him back, but it's not going to work. Hopefully after she realises this she will want Scott to be happy and tell him that...
  10. nessie_lee

    Home and Away

    And that'll end him up in oooohh.. jail? With his Daddy- corey's such a smart boy! lol. Has anyone had a sneak peak at this week's tv week.. Something about Hayley not surviving the birth... she can't not survive it!
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    ooohh nasty! i wouldn't take that Craig! Lol.
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    I've got an idea- build a bridge and get over it...
  13. nessie_lee

    A pleasant Sunday at the AIC

    three days til your 'brithday' Princess?.. oh my, what's a brithday? lol.. Gotta love typo's!!
  14. nessie_lee

    A pleasant Sunday at the AIC

    My goodness, there is a stack of people down here at the AIC, and it's 5:55pm on a Sunday Night. This is insane! This is the first time i've stepped onto uni ground on a Sunday- i didn't know so many other did as well! I only came up here to get away from the distractions of home so i could...
  15. nessie_lee

    Group Interview for Sanity

    Don't be so excited. it's the biggest bunch of crock. They don't even notify you if your not successful, you just have to presume you haven't gotten the job. I went for the group interview nearly 4 weeks ago, and haven't heard a thing since- grr!
  16. nessie_lee

    Uncle Tv Ad

    Oh my goodness, i saw this ad last night for the first time. How tacky is it! it make this uni seem so ... fantastic, when it clearly isn't! ... Misrepresentation.. i wonder if someone can sue for that?
  17. nessie_lee

    Exam Location Twist

    No, i got the email as well.. I think it's legit, but i'm a first year, so i have no idea whether this has ever happened before. I'm presuming it's for my PSYC 1020 course as this is the only one that i have an exam for. Are there any other PSYC 1020's that have gotten this email as well?
  18. nessie_lee

    Home and Away

    I know why Irene is the way she is.. I read it in this week's TV week... and if i knew how to put one of those spoiler bar things that Tasha often puts up i would!!
  19. nessie_lee

    Psyc 1020 Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is anyone else still trying to write this rotten lab report due at 4pm today?! I'm up at Auchmuty at the moment, and there's a stack of people doing the same thing! I can't wait till this stupid thing is over.. grrr!!.. *end rant*
  20. nessie_lee

    Tom and Katie expecting a baby

    He's got her hook, line and sinker now that she's pregnant she'll never be able to leave him. I remember once reading a story and her friends were saying how overbearing tom is and how Katie wasn't handling it too well and was thinking of leaving him.. I would- he's a nutcase.