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  1. EpicNoob

    What's a essay proposal

    This may seem like a dumb question, but i never done one before for any of my classes during my 4 years in high school, for modern history we have to do a essay proposal i am pretty sure we have to talk about the topic we are doing, why we chose it, why we proposed this topic but i'm not sure if...
  2. EpicNoob

    Imao I’m a dumbass

    I went to school thinking that my modern history exam was still on, they told me that exams are postponed. now I am doing online work in a classroom when I could of been doing it at home
  3. EpicNoob

    Why do we have to learn spreadsheets in IPT

    Convince me if I am wrong but I don’t think spreadsheets has anything to do with learning tech
  4. EpicNoob

    what coding language are you learning in SDD

    i am learning small basic
  5. EpicNoob

    Anything I should know about Software Design and Development

    Before going to year 11?
  6. EpicNoob

    Year Tens what subjects did you get for next year ? Yea

    One of the subjects I got was Software design and development
  7. EpicNoob

    what coding language did you learn for software design development

    a Tas teacher said for year 11 we will be learning visual basic , maybe other languages