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    Need some Help urgently!!

    Question: BOP= CAD + Capital and Fin. Acc surplus =0 Making reference to the equation above, Explain the relationship between Capital and Financial Account and Net primary Income deficit. ---- I've been trying to figure out this question out but I am not able to understand it, I am stuck. Any...
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    test in 7 days

    my attendence in school has not been the best due to being sick had a whole two weeks off together which means I didnt learn the content then and another two weeks off again recently so i barely have any idea of most of the content that is going to be in the test especially with module 7...
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    I need help in the following questions for my HSC

    1. Explain why urban areas, generally not appropriate to set up synthesis plants for chemicals. 2. Use a flow diagram to illustrate the steps in the industrial production of a chemical 3. Chemists must consider may factors when designing a chemical synthesis process. Evaluate the need to...
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    Which alcohol is best to study for the dot point "how are alcohols produced and what are their properties and uses?"
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    How do I prepare for year 12??
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    How to study for biology in a 6 day span? For PRELIM BIO

    I have my bioloy finals in a week time but i haven't studied for anything and now I'm stressing.... so any tips on how to study effectively in these days to get a good mark on Biology
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    Explanation of a concept.

    What does the çoncept of Óurselves, Our World and Others' exactly mean and what points could be used to reflect this in an essay ? what could be some example point sentences
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    "Storytelling has the power to both affirm and challenge cultural practices." I am confused on how to answer this question for the novel Handmaid's tale and film Children Of Men Any help would be appreciated.
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    Tips for 2019 - Prelim

    Hello. I'd be really grateful for any tips for the following subjects (e.g. What I Should be doing through the holidays to be prepared, what I should be doing throughout school to max. my marks, e.t.c idek :spzz: just in general for senior years ) The Subjects that I'll be pursuing for the...
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    Entrance Exam for Prelim Maths Ext 1- HELP!

    SO Hello there... It's my first time posting on this so idek. SO Next year I'm going to a whole new school where I've opted to do Maths ext 1 and I was told that there was an entrance exam that I have to go through to see if I'm eligible for it. But the thing is I have no Idea what to...