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  1. English

    Whenever you cant find a technique, just call it imagery.
  2. Aligned mark question

    If you add up the marks you got for all the questions on the exam and it was 59/100, then your ‘exam mark’ would be 85/100.
  3. 2020-HSC chat

    Not directly
  4. reviews on ur subjects? any regrets?

    Bio- its not very interesting and you’ll struggle to get a good mark if you aren’t willing to rote learn the content since there isn’t a lot of intuition
  5. Biology HSC cutoff

    But if people did worse on average, wouldn't that lower the B6 cutoff?
  6. Thoughts on maths 3u/4u textbook

    I would recommend the New Senior Mathematics textbooks for both ext 1 and ext 2 because they offer more challenging questions than maths in focus. Cambridge ext 1 is useful, but the ext 2 textbook has far too many questions that are beyond the difficulty of what we can expect from the actual HSC.

    MrSir, do you have notes on 1984?
  8. Questions on alcohols (organic chem)

    3 is ethene because it undergoes addition polymerisation to form polyethylene, hence process 2 must be dehydration (alcohol + strong acid --> alkene). 4 is halogenation (Br2 is reacted) and 5 is ethane as it is a hydrogenation reaction. 2-chloro-2-methylpentane should form 2-methylpentan-2-ol...
  9. George Orwell

    I am writing some contextual preamble for an assignment on texts and human experiences and I was wondering, how would you describe Orwell's zeitgeist. Of course, there are things like the soviet union and such, but what else was going on in the late 1940s that is pertinent to a discussion about...
  10. ATAR Estimate

    High 40s I'd say
  11. ATAR Estimate

    What do you estimate for externals?
  12. 1984 Notes

    Does anyone have notes on human experiences in 1984?
  13. Textbooks

    My school used maths in focus for 3u and I found it to be quite useful (mainly for explanations and examples, rather than lots of difficult questions), although for year 12 you should consider more rigorous textbooks such as new senior maths or Cambridge. They have far more challenging questions...
  14. Physics Predictions/Thoughts

    Technically, this did not prove that cathode rays had mass, although we now know this. The paddlewheel turns due to the radiometric effect, also demonstrated by the Crooke's Radiometer.
  15. Biology Exam Thoughts

    I suppose B and C are both innate, although the question specifies innate response, so surely phagocytes is correct because stomach acid isn't produced in response to a pathogen?
  16. Biology Exam Thoughts

    I'm not sure about their answer for q5
  17. Biology Exam Thoughts

    Not useful in terms of simulating the type of questions we could've expected
  18. Biology Exam Thoughts

    Hard to say for sure, but what else could the three marks be for? (1) - Identify an adaptation (1) - Example? or maybe a reason why plants need to maintain water? (1) - Describe how it assists in maintaining water Look, I wouldn't be hopeful for 3 marks if you didn't have an example, but you...