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    Part time jobs after HS

    I know a lot of people who've done hospitality (waiting, bartending, barista), retail, nannying, promotions, tutoring, and call centres (surprisingly make a lot of money cold calling!)
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    What are you currently Reading?

    Some of you may have had to do it for school buttt......Brave New World! The best book ever, so well written, and has a pretty accurate prediction of where societies headed in the future. Plenty of food for thought
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    Best Gap Year idea

    Sounds awesome!
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    Favourite airline?

    Singapore airlines hands down. Affordable, always good plane food, almost always on time, decent chair/room space & great service
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    China- Places to see , things to do

    Definitely would travel Tibet (shouldn't be apart of China but is....) but cool place to go, the people & landscape are amazing - plus you get to see first hand how the country is affected by Chinese government invasion
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    Travelling within Australia

    Perth and all along the west coast! Beaches are way less crowded, untouched, beautiful & pristine condition. Not inundated with tourists, cool cities & nightlife
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    Feel like lost and demotivated!

    Make it a habit! Try just aiming for 30minutes every morning then you'll actually go. And choose lighter/fun workouts so you won't be dreading it
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    When to go to the gym

    Go to the gym of course, there's nothing in the manual that says exercise is bad for you! The only thing that can stunt bone growth is severely heavy lifting. So just keep your workouts normal & you'll be fine!
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    losing weight?

    Try low-carb high fat diet!
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    Thoughts on marrying your bf after graduation?

    So, so sooo young!!!
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    what causes break ups in a relationship?

    Plenty of reasons, but Tinder definitely stops relationships from happening
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    Age Difference

    five years absolute max
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    Relationships & HSC

    Would never break up with someone just over doing exams. You have a whole life of doing work, does that mean you're single whenever you're doing something career related?