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    worth appealing group marks?

    I had an assessment recently with possibly the worst group ever assembled in the history of university group assessments. I ended up doing 50% of the work (in a group with 5 people [and I did all the most important parts by myself]), not because the other people in my group didn't do any work...
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    Appeals & Complaints

    If I get a bad assessment mark that I consider completely the fault of the lecturer/subject coordinator and their poor organisation of the assessment how do I go about appealing it? .... I can't appeal to the lecturer/subject coordinator because she is completely incompetent and despite the...
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    Today's Lesson

    When you are going somewhere people don't expect you to be... be obvious about it... walk loudly or slam doors or something..... Today I came downstairs to find my dad (who is married to my mum) hooking up with a friend (who is also married). I don't know if there is some kind of explanation...
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    Sick of Windows Taskbar

    I want to get rid of my taskbar but I really need system tray/notification area because I use it a lot. I tired object dock plus and that lets you include some but not all of the icons that are usually in the notification area. For example msn messenger doesn't show up when it is minimised...
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    Choose OS at startup

    I tried to restart the computer and got an error that my hal.dll file needed replacing. I did bootcfg /rebuild in the recovery console. After that had completed it asked me to enter my operating system so I put in "Windows XP Professional" as the website I had found the solution on said to do...
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    Australian TV

    Is it just me or has anyone noticed that all the tv channel have decided that their customers are worthless? I know we don't pay anything but we watch their ads which makes them money. They cancel shows without informing the viewers. They move shows to 11.30 at night without informing the...
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    Playstation 2 Game Protection

    I heard that some ps2 games have some sort of new protection on them that means they won't run on a ps2 with a mod chip. Since having a mod chip is now legal in Australia isn't that some sort of fair use violation by the company that makes the game?
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    Registry Problem

    Last week I started my laptop and there was a registry file failure. I fixed it through restore console and it worked fine. Last night I left it running and when I got up it was on the blue screen and when I restarted it \windows\system32\config\system is missing or corrupt. The way I...
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    Unicentre Membership

    Do I need to change the information on sols like it says here... ...or do I just collect the card? I would think that if I am being forced to pay I should automatically be a member.
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    Does anyone else have heaps of Delivery Status Failure emails for no particular reason or is it just me?
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    AC Adapter

    I came back from holidays and the power was off. My AC Adapter for my laptop was plugged into the powerpoint. Now it isn't working. So do I need to get a new one, or will leaving it unplugged for a while fix it?
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    Spring Timetable

    Are the timetables for Autumn that are up now the same for Spring or do they change?
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    Barrett Injured - Johns in for Origin 2

    As the title says -
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    Exam Parking

    I know this has been done before, but I can't find a straight answer in any of the previous threads. So can someone tell me what's the deal with exam parking. Can I park in the red parking zones without a parking permit?
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    So this woman is walking around, speaking in a foreign language and saying she wants to go back to another country and she so she gets deported. Now she expects compensation. People need to start taking responsibilties for their own actions, whether or not they were in some way impaired or...
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    bad parents

    I just saw some little kid on the news who was found wandering round the streets of Sydney and after 4 hours still no one has contacted the police. If the parents aren't dead or trapped under huge boulders they need to be thrown in jail because thats incredibly irresponsible.
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    MARK101 Assessment

    7 Pages - Due Wednesday - Haven't Started.
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    Spring Session Tutorials

    I got an email from the faculty of commerce telling me when the systems opens for enrolling in tutorials for the spring session. Problem is not all my subjects are in faculty of commerce. I looked around the website but I couldn't find anything. So does anyone know when tutorial enrollment...
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    Public Transport

    Every time I pick up the paper there is something about encouraging people to take public transport instead of driving or increasing public transport systems instead of improving roads. This would make sense if public transport in Sydney wasn't so bad and didn't cost as much as it does. Until we...
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    New Strategy for Student Unions

    Voluntary Student Unionism does not mean Ban on Student Unionism. If the Student Union's stopped wasting time complaining about VSU and wasting money protesting it they might be able to convince people to continue their membership. I don't like the Student Union at UOW, I don't think I am...