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    legal notes

    This is definitely worth the money and are very comprehensive and the paragraphs are very detailed and helpful
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    UoN Medicine

    Could one get an offer from University of Newcastle med program with a 98 atar and a 90th percentile Ucat mark
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    Getting into med

    Do you know how hard it is to get into James Cook University or UTas for medicine
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    Perms and Combs

    A poker hand of five cards is dealt from a standard pack of 52. Find the probability of obtaining one pair. The answer is 352/833 could somebody explain how to get this answer
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    Getting into med

    Which unis are the easiest to get into for med (undergrad) and how high would the requirements be (ATAR/UCAT/Interviews) (Can be Interstate)
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    UTS law

    Is there any point in doing law at uts or is it only useful to go to good universities like usyd or unsw
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    Potassium permanganate

    Is Potassium permanganate a complex compound
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    Skills Tests

    Can anyone give me tips on how to study for a skills test in science
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    go to hscninja and put your school in and then put in your internal marks
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    Dicot Vs Monocot

    Could someone please explain the difference between mococots and dicots
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    What does accuracy mean in science
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    hsc science and maths questions sorted by topic

    If it still possible could you send it to me please
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    Can someone help explain to me what ligands are and how they work
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    Legal studies test prep help

    Can someone please provide me with resources to help me prepare for my legal studies half yearly prelim test (past papers, practise questions, etc)
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    What degrees do in need to do to become a clinical psychologist?

    What degrees (Undergraduate and postgraduate) do I need to complete to become qualified for a clinical psychologist.
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    Are internal marks affected by the school you go to?

    Are internal marks affected by the school you go to? If so how does it work?