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20$/h junior school tutoring | english, science, history (1 Viewer)


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Jul 21, 2015
Hi everyone!
My name is Anjali :) I just graduated in 2017 and I am currently going to do a Bachelor of Law and Commerce (Economics).
While having the knowledge needed to help a student excel in their subject, I also have the patience and commitment needed in order to ensure that I provide the best service I can. I do have experience tutoring younger kids, who were successful in their Selective School Exams.

I'd tailor each lesson to your own needs and your own pace, working hard to ensure that you understand key concepts. I'd also provide a relaxed environment so there is no stress and pressure to make sure that you understand the concepts you are struggling with!
I'm willing to travel for classes by coming to you or meeting at Parramatta, Blacktown, Strathfield libraries !

I'm also willing to tutor in:

Maths (K-10)
HSIE (History and Geography, I received first in course for Ancient History during my HSC!)

If you are interested please email me at anjalivisva@gmail.com or text me at 0418696410 !

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