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May 24, 2021
Uni Grad
Here are the lists of ways that I am using to make money for my business called, “making $100k in 6 months”:
Products -

  • Write books for kindle.
  • Draw the autobiographical manga for both webtoon and inker.
  • Create multiple skillshare/mykajabi classes for every skill I have, (mentality, drawing, fitness, articulation, storytelling, purpose finding, important life lessons, making money, making video games in unity/unreal engine.).
  • Fivver commissions.
  • YouTube videos about my progress and goals.
  • Instagram posts about my progress and goals, (use linktree, it’s free!).
  • Facebook portfolio to channel viewership towards better social media platforms.
  • Video games on steam.
  • Part time job at the same time that requires no effort, (like security shifts in an observation booth, so I can do my actual career while doing some random, but paying, job.).
  • Everything I make, on a single platform/website of my design, including bundles and packages for, “more bang for your buck”. e.g. video games with books and videos of “how tos”.
  • Making Music.
  • Client mentorship.
  • Patreon special videos, (which are actually the exact same videos that can be found from my skillshare and mykajabi.). ———————————————————

That’s a total of 13 ways to grow a business.
Trade futures and options. Fastest way to make money and fastest way to lose money

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