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ATAR Estimate Please :) (1 Viewer)


New Member
Jun 19, 2021
Please be as harsh as possible because I was aiming for a 95 ATAR at the start of the year, however with my ranks it's not looking too realistic lmao. I go to a top 20 school, and my ranks are as follows:
Maths Adv - 14/60
Maths Ext - 72/100
English Adv - 73/120
Physics - 14/31
Business - 16/24
Industrial - 5/6

Approx number of B6's my school gets each year in these subjects:
Maths Adv - 40
Maths Ext - 50 (however every maths teacher is saying that my cohort is VERY smart compared to previous years for maths, so correct me if I'm wrong but I think this year we'll have 60+ kids get B6)
English Adv - 25
Physics - 16
Business - 16
Industrial - 2


Le Phénix Trilingue
Aug 22, 2019
Krak des Chevaliers
Uni Grad
Considering this information, I believe that your performance is consistent with an ATAR between 89 and 91. Your position in Mathematics Advanced, Physics and Business Studies appears favourable and is likely to make a positive contribution to your ATAR. It is therefore important to do your utmost in order to maintain (and if possible, improve) this level of performance through your upcoming HSC exams.

English Advanced and Industrial Technology seem to be the subjects that are obstructing your progress towards your ATAR goal. English Advanced is evidently the subject with the more substantial effect on your ATAR, given that it is the only subject that will definitely count as 2 units towards your ATAR. On the other hand, Industrial Technology may only contribute 1 unit towards your ATAR since you are taking 11 units in total. Based on this, you may wish to consider placing additional focus on your preparations for both your Industrial Technology and (more importantly) English Advanced HSC exams.

Overall, I think that your ATAR goal may still be within reach, especially given the significance of the HSC exams. Provided you prepare thoroughly for all of your exams, you will hopefully maximise your chances of achieving your ATAR goal.

I hope this helps! :D

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