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ATTENTION: Tutoring and Private Colleges Forum Rules (Updated 1st February 2014) (1 Viewer)

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Jul 28, 2002
Please note the additions in blue.

Welcome to the Tutoring Forum. Please abide by the following rules/regulations. If you have any queries, concerns, or would like to report another member breaking these rules, please report the post or post in the Contact Moderators Forum.

Bored of Studies is not responsible for any goods or services advertised in this forum. It is the responsibility of the individual customer to verify the accuracy of the advertiser's claims.

Please note that any threads advertising illicit sales or trades will be promptly deleted without warning.

For all users
  • Keep spam out of the threads.
  • If you have feedback feel free to leave it on their post - however, any abusive posts will be deleted without further notice.
  • If you have a problem with another user please work it out in PM, NOT in the thread - if it cannot be resolved, contact a moderator.
  • Consistent abusive behaviour or trolling will result in a temporary ban.
  • No enticements of copyrighted resources whether notes/past papers.
  • This forum is not for tutoring colleges to advertise. Any tutoring college seeking to promote their services should contact advertise@boredofstudies.org

Rules & Hints For Tutors
  • Include a price and whether you are negotiable
  • Include an email address, phone number, or some other method by which you can be contacted
  • Include an accurate description of the service you are offering (what subjects you are available to tutor, what location you can tutor in and your qualifications/achievements).
  • If feedback is left on your thread, it will not be deleted (except for abusive behaviour).
  • You may advertise in your signature, but DON'T advertise on other people's Tutoring threads
  • Post your service only ONCE. This means only ONE THREAD in ONE FORUM (the Tutoring Classifieds forum). DON'T post your thread in other forums such as the HSC Forums. This includes threads for different subjects. Post all the subjects in the one advertisement.
  • Bump your thread instead of double posting (posting your thread again)
  • When you bump your thread delete your previous "bump" post to keep your thread clean and spam free. This can be done by clicking the edit button in the bottom right hand corner of your post and choosing the delete option.
    [*]Threads can be bumped by the original poster no more than once a day regardless of whether the previous "bump" post from the original poster was deleted or left visible to others. Warnings and infractions may be issued if threads are bumped excessively.
    [*]There must be no links to external websites in the advertisement (this includes personal websites).

Note: If you are a company/business that wishes to advertise their service/website etc please see here.
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Feb 16, 2005
Please note the updates in the rules.
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