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Awareness on construction safety (1 Viewer)


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Jul 30, 2013
Construction sites have many risks and dangers, these sites are prone to accidents. Workers should be very cautious while working in these sites. They should use protective gear such as helmets, boots, gloves and also masks if necessary. Workers should follow the safety instructions from supervisors, they must be careful about falling from steep heights. There have been several accidents in construction sites and workers should be assertive of the various dangers. construction safety is essential. Workers should receive clear safety instructions while at work. Supervisors should identify the various hazards at work and eliminate them. Proper and safe instructions should be given on handling various equipments and machinery. New workers should be provided compulsory safety training. The various hazards at construction sites should be identified. Safety training reduces the number of accidents and casualties. There are several hazards at construction sites and new workers are prone to these hazards. Ignorance or negligence of these hazards can be fatal. There are several constructions projects under progress simultaneously in different parts of the world. Several workers are engaged in these projects, it is ideal to convey safety instructions to them. Supervisors should inspect the sites for various hazards and inform the workers about it. New workers should be engaged only in safe chores. Experienced and trained workers only should be allowed in construction sites to prevent accidents from recurring. Workers should be informed about the earlier accidents and the reasons for it should be analysed and found out.

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