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Jul 6, 2002
Reproduced here (in reverse order) so that the exam thoughts are all in one place.

Name: BLONDE^goddess
City sydney babyyyy
Sent: 17.22 - 5/11

hey all...just wanted 2 say the legal exam was much easier than initially expected, although i completely forget what causation was...haha i think i am blonde. just wanted 2 say i have 1 more day of exams although i have 2 on the same day which will be a killer! if anyone studies drama or society and culture PLLZ PPLZ PPLZ MSG me ASAP!!!! Almost finished then its Bondi Baby for a GORGEOUS TAN! I wish u all the very best of luck...and soon we will reflect upon this "unbelievably stressful time" in our lives and laugh hysterically about the minimal significane this mark had made, and the many sleepless nights we spent stressing about how little we knew, rather than how 'much' we actually studies. Well take it easy ppl...and good luck MASE & MANDY MY Sexy babes...Melbourne and its Glamours soon awaites us! CIAO CIAO MEOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

Sent: 17.14 - 5/11

yeah legal was ok....the human rights questions were pretty average...almost the same as the catholic trail. consumers and family sucked a bit..overall not bad...1 more exam to goooooooo!!!!! whoo hoo

Name: Kath
Sent: 16.52 - 5/11

Tina, i thought the legal exam was good too, i really liked the crime questions,and the options, which i was really worried about, turned out to be stuff i knew, i did law reform for both consumers and family it was excellent

Name: tina
Sent: 16.30 - 5/11

i loved the legal exam..i thought the rights for individuals and that was a little crap n boring but the rest of the essay questions were fab..especially the crime one!!! I was so happy..I was scared like crazy before the exam..but im relieved now

Sent: 14.10 - 5/11

OK basically people i would just say something... i thought the legal exam was 50/50... multiple choice, human rights and crime was ok but those bloody essays were shit...did they think we were in uni or something to understand that technical mumbo jumbo shit. Man i so screwed up the shelter essay and the family one i didnt even write like a structured essay i wrote like dot points and on anything! How did everyone else find it??

Sent: 12.22 - 5/11

the multiple choice and human rights questions were good but the crime section was GREAT!!!!! The extended responses could have been better worded - they were a tad confusing and i think i really sucked in the technological change one. Overall - a good exam!!

Sent: 14.05 - 5/11


Sent: 12.44 - 5/11

the ESSAYS FOR LEGAL WERE SO FUCKED UP!! What was with the technical jargon??? Te rest was good!!! Man those essays were the most so fucked me up

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