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Bored of Studies

Jan 28, 2006
Hi BoS’ers!

Decode is a brand new study guide company specialising in top quality exam and assessment preparation.

Written by past high achievers who have won an assortment of state-topping awards, our HSC study guides feature hundreds of originally crafted practice questions, designed to mimic the NESA exam style.

Accompanying all of our question books is a massive digital interactive solutions manual that goes super in-depth, and for each question you get:

  • Model solutions and marking scheme
  • Explanations of theory in the context of the problem
  • Problem solving strategy techniques
  • Commentary on how to structure your answer at the Band 6 level
Using our study guides is like having a tutor right there with you helping you Decode your subjects.

We’re offering all Bored of Studies users 10% off their purchases until the end of February. Simply enter code “BOSFEB” on checkout at https://www.decodeguides.com.au.


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Feb 17, 2021
Hey everyone! I should briefly introduce myself - my name is Thushan and I run Decode. I am a medical doctor and am currently working in Victoria completing my specialty training. I have also had extensive teaching and tutoring experience in the sciences over the past decade.

Decode is a rebrand of the former ExamPro study guides which, at the time, only had a HSC Chemistry study guide in its NSW repertoire. Since the rebrand to Decode, we have since published a HSC Biology and Mathematics Advanced title, and we are in the final stages of releasing both of our Mathematics Extension 1 titles (a Mathematics Extension 1 book, and a Mathematics 3 Unit Combined book that contains both Mathematics Advanced and Mathematics Extension 1 content).

I firstly wanted to thank Bored of Studies for granting me permission to introduce our range of HSC study guides. We are quite a new company, and we believe that our topic test and trial exam books are top-quality and our digital solution manual e-books will help students understand the subject content from first principles.

If you have any questions regarding our range of study guides, you are absolutely more than welcome to post here.

I have attached samples of our study guides here.

Don't forget the BOS discount "BOSFEB" which takes 10% off your order - ends March 1st.


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