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English Advanced Essay and Creative Marking (NEW 2019!) (1 Viewer)


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Apr 29, 2015
Hey everyone!

I'm Adi Kishore, a student of Normanhurst Boys High School who graduated last year. My official marks in the HSC were as follows:

ATAR - 99.55
Eng Adv - 94

Mathematics Ext 1 - 97
Mathematics Ext 2 - 94
Chem - 91
Phys - 90

I'm posting here to offer a marking service for English essays for Year 11 and 12 students.

During my HSC year, I would sometimes look for a second opinion on my essays online. Frustratingly enough, this would often result in me paying upwards of $36 dollars to submit and get some feedback on my work. In understanding this need and experiencing the pain myself, I am offering to mark your essays or creative writing pieces for $20 each.

My approach towards feedback is focused on the most critical thing in achieving success with English: the communication of meaningful ideas, whether they be in essays or creative writing.

For essays, I will provide fully annotated feedback on:
  • Whether you are explaining your ideas clearly;
  • Have a good flow in your essay, and balance of techniques, quotes and explanations when analysing texts;
  • Are clearly demonstrating the understanding required for you to excel in your chosen level of English study.

If your text is different to what I studied during HSC, I will provide notes on expression and communication rather than annotations as in (1). The texts I studied in the HSC which I think still exist in some English levels are 1984, Metropolis and Hamlet.

In terms of creative pieces, I will look to provide feedback focused on:
  • Authentic and well-paced character development;
  • Mastering the art of 'showing' rather than 'telling';
  • Your use of symbolism and other literary devices.

Moreover, English is the only compulsory part of the HSC, and can be a bit stressful at times. I am more than happy to provide advice on general approaches and ways to think about the course alongside marking your coursework.

The Details

I am offering my services with at an asking rate of $20 per essay or creative piece. To reach out to me, please contact me on either:​

Unless I am pressed by circumstances beyond my control, my promise is a 24-60 hour turnover of anything you send. In the email, please provide some information about your level of English study (Standard or Advanced), your school, and what you would like to improve on. Please name the subject to your email: "English Feedback Request". I will ensure I provide feedback specific to your needs.

From there, we will figure out the details of what feedback you are after, and how to complete your transaction. If I do not meet my time commitment, the sum of money you have paid will be refunded.

So: if you are experiencing trouble with communicating your ideas with a balance of sophistication and clarity, or know of a friend who is struggling with the same, then please do reach out!

Thanks and good luck everyone!

- AK
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