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how come international laws don't prevent various human rights violations? (1 Viewer)


New Member
Jul 8, 2013
most states would be party to a treaty or organisation which covers various human rights laws. For example, states party to the UN will have to comply with its laws, and if violated, it may be subject to conviction or a sanction. So if such laws are available, and with most countries party to them, how come so many countries can escape conviction when they obviously violate certain human rights? An example is child labour-there are so many laws covering the rights of children, and yet many countries turn a blind eye and are not convicted by the international community.. I know countries are not party to all laws and international bodies, but most are party to major organisations and treaties such as the UN, so how can they not be convicted or sanctioned when they breach human rights contained under these bodies and treaties they are party to?

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