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I feel overwhelmed with the HSC already haha help (1 Viewer)


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Feb 22, 2020
Hi year 12! I hope you don't mind me jumping into this thread, reposting from the year 11 forum because i'm hoping one of you guys might be a little wiser on these topics haha.
I'm in year 11 (graduating 2021) wow even saying that is - crazy, that's so soon.
I'm feeling overwhelmed with all the articles I'm reading, the advice I'm getting on how to study, I'm not sure what the best study method even is because there are so many ways to do it I'm feeling inclined to do them all but I obviously, do not have the time. So my first question is what are your favourite study methods? I've heard of just taking notes, taking notes then summarising, taking notes summarising then writing summaries out, index cards, Quizlet, loose-leaf paper, folders, workbooks etc? I'm very confused on what to use.

Secondly, the articles online are a little worrying, there's so much advice and contradiction and it is making me feel like I'm not ready or set up for these senior years. Where in the syllabus do I even find notes for students? how do I decode these? How do I get prepared for these course exams without even learning the content yet?

Thirdly, I've been doing online school for the past two years and am attempting to switch back to regular school but the majority of the classes are full :( it's half a term in and they still haven't provided me with what options are available. So I'm already going to be starting very behind. I'm very driven to be back in school but it means I'm probably going to have to switch some subjects for example music for a design and technology course, legal studies, photography or chemistry. If anyone has tips on catching up after getting this far behind or good subject choices because I am literally doubting everything I would love to hear it pff. Sorry for the vent guys and to anyone who replies to this you are literally the best <3

My subjects are Advanced English (is this going to be really really difficult?? should I just switch? I struggle with creative writing and speed of my writing will the time pressure get to me?) Standard maths, Modern History, Society and Culture, Biology (I'm already confused and feeling dumb) and Music (I'm a singer so I am very unfamiliar with the theory and all these technical terms/performance anxiety.

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