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Impact of Automation Proposal (1 Viewer)

Walker a

New Member
Aug 5, 2015
Automation proposal is termed as an effective way of increasing sales in business world and it will have a positive impact on sales. Price, product information, quantity and customer testimonials can be included in an Proposal Automation. It is a fact that buyers respond favorably to quality proposals that meet deadlines and satisfies their requirements. An automated system eliminates the head ache of writing quality proposals and it will increase sales ratio. Business managers witness their sales increase substantially after the introduction of automation proposal package. Most talked about advantage of automation proposal system is that it removes time constraints. According to a survey conducted by The Industrial Performance Group Inc, automation proposal system increases amount of productive time. It has been reported that minimizing proposal writing is a motivating factor for most sales professionals. Consequential positive impact on sales is often cited as the major advantage of proposal writing packages. Management reporting functionality in an automation tool gives managers most up to date information on sales activity.
Companies use proposal system to reduce proposal creation time by up to eighty percentage and increase the number of sales appointments by more than 116 percent. Automation proposal tool making companies are delivering great service to business community by helping companies to save time and bring in more business through their proposals. Increased sales productivity, improved structuring of the sales process, and increased number of proposals are the most attractive features of automation proposal packages as business application. A world leader in queuing system found that time spent on productive sales activity increased once they were freed from tedious proposal writing.

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