Need Selective Tutor Carlingford from Feb 3rd to Mar 14th (Daily or every other Day) (1 Viewer)


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Mar 12, 2017
Hi There,

Need an expereicned selective exam tutor for a child sitting selective school examination on March 14th, 2019.

The goal is to haver a session daily (preferable) or 4/5 times a week from February 3rd to March 14th, 2019.

The aim is the last 6 week (or so) crash revision of the selective subnjects (GA, Maths, Comprehension and Writing) with special focus on dealing with:

1. Time Pressure
2. Exam Techniques
3. Any last minute shortcuts and quick solution methods
4. Any areas that the student is struggling with
and above all
5. Mock Testing and coming up with strategy to fix any left over issues, mistakes, pitfalls quickly.

Prefer to be in child's home in Carlingford but happy to work with the right tutor on the final location.

***Cannot afford to switch or change tutors within the lat 6 weeks and so looking for someone who can take this as a short 6 week project and work with the child to steer him through the exam while earning 1/2 terms worth of tuition earnings in little over a month***

The right tutor (if interested) can carry on working with the child for the rest of year 6 after the selective exams with a slightly reduced frequency.

Message 0413431399 or email: with your credentials and commitment for the requirement.

P.S: There is another Year 9 student seeking tutoring for Mathematics, English and Science in the same house and that can very well be the second student (alongside the selective student) for the eligible and interested tutor.

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