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New Member
Nov 8, 2002
am the only one that thought multiple questions not that hard. i actually like them, easier than prevoius years.
wat i stuffed up in is parenting and caring, (c) i only talked about previous experiences/own upbringing. i forget to mention media etc... so mad!
the short q. where a bit hard too, harder than usual.
but overall, it was easier than i thought, especialy considerin i only studied a little.


Nov 5, 2002
For part c of parenting and caring i talked about how each parent should always realise their responsibilities and i then went through a whole heap of responsibilities that a parent has....stating that it doesn't matter what religion you are or if your autocratic democratic type parent you still have to do your job as a parent and accept full responsibility coz whether or not the pregnancy is planned or unplanned its still there child!

I found 3 multiple choice questions tricky as i couldn't choose between a couple of answers and i had no idea what the 'faimly first initiative' was did you??? :rolleyes: the mulptiple choice in my trial was easier then this tho.

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