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Qns about Mq early entry and UNSW portfolio (1 Viewer)


New Member
Dec 1, 2021
Hello everyone I am a year 11 student I just finished my yearly exam recently and I think I got decent results(I'm in a school ranked around 60th across NSW)

EAL/D 78% rank(overall the year)should be like 13/32
Maths adv 82% rank 35/153
Geography 79% 5/21
Economics 81% 20/71
Chinese literature 92% 3/21
Biology 62% 60/106(gonna drop it anyway)

I wanna know based on this year 11 results,is it good enough for me to get into macquarie uni by applying for the SRS or MLA early entry program?(I also have work experience,volunteering experience and USYD project management camp experience)

My target course is urban planning which only require about 75 atar at MQ and 82 at UNSW

I also wanna ask if there's anyone successfully applied for the UNSW bachelor of architecture (specifically urban planning) through the portfolio way?
What did you guys hand in?I am wondering is that ok for me to hand in my Senior geography project (which is about how does covid affect human well-being in a particular suburb)for the portfolio since I am not really good at design...

Please give me some suggestions thx guys😊and if anyone is currently doing bachelor of urban planning course at any uni,please let me know how do you feel about it:)Does that require high design skills?


New Member
Aug 30, 2022
Your y11 marks and commitments look great for MQ! You have a pretty good chance of getting an early offer there (from experience with talking to my friends about their grades and the ATAR requirements for the courses they got offers to). And MQ is generally really generous when it comes to offers. Make sure to apply in the first round, and good luck! :)

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