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Queen's college (1 Viewer)


New Member
Jul 10, 2014

Is there anyone that's been to queen's college/any of the Melbourne uni colleges that can tell me as much as possible about Queen's?
I really want to get in to Queen's (If I can), but I live in Queensland and no one can tell me about the Melbourne colleges. What sort of people generally go there/what sort of reputation does it have? Stereotypes about the place etc. I tried reading almost every thread related to Melbourne colleges but I didn't really find a lot of information about the sort of atmosphere at Queen's. (I gotta admit I'm really liking the sound of unlimited internet though).
Also, I'm quite a shy person, what are your thoughts on whether college would suit me?
Of course, this all depends on whether or not I get in to Melbourne uni, but let's hope for the best:/

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