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Rights of Victims, Offenders and Society... (1 Viewer)


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Jul 19, 2015
The question for my upcoming Legal essay is :
To what extent does the criminal justice system effectively balance the rights of victims, offenders and society?

We have a list of certain cases that we are expected to use as the basis for our argument and I have chosen R v SW & BW. In the case, two parents are responsible for the death of their daughter as they were extremely negligent/had an intention to cause harm etc. My question is how would I be able to discuss the rights of the victim when the literal victim is deceased and their next of kin was responsible, and does not take on that role? My teacher attempted to explain it to me but sounded more confused themselves. They told me to talk about the rights of victimised children in general, and how the criminal justice system is currently handling them.... but then I am unsure if that should really fall into the Society section of my essay???
I am really confused here and would love some help...
Thank you :speechless::speechless::speechless:

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