selling ADV MATHS, ADV ENGLISH, BIOLOGY, CAFS, FOOD TECH textbooks (1 Viewer)


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Dec 1, 2020
I currently have the following books to sell :) most prices are negotiable

- excel year 12 advanced English: new syllabus, has highlighting on 5ish pages only, has summaries/info for all texts for all modules, $25
- Cambridge checkpoints English advanced year 12: new syllabus, barely used so really good condition, great tips on essays and exemplar responses for all modules, $20
- Tempest & hag-seed workbook (got from my tutor): has great context and background information as well as questions etc. to enhance learning, never used, $3
- Nineteen eighty-four novel: used condition, but still readable! $5

- 2020 MANSW mathematics workbook: all HSC examination papers and solutions from 2010-2019, includes which questions are new/old syllabus, the cover looks a bit beaten up but has no writing inside and none of the inside paper has been ruined, $25
- Cambridge checkpoints year 12 mathematics advanced: new syllabus, barely used, includes online revision tools like online quizzes, summarises every topic and has HEAPSSSSS of practice questions and fully explained solutions, $20
- introduction to calculus workbook (got from my tutor): never used, describes every part of calculus in depth, has heaps of examples & practice questions, $5
- applications of calculus and statistics workbook (got from my tutor): never used, describes every part of calculus/statistics in depth, has heaps of examples & practice questions, $5

- blitzing biology student activity book: many worksheets for most of the year 12 biology syllabus, a few have been filled in with pencil, $25
- atar notes biology topic tests: soooooooooooooooo so so so helpful!!!!!! in great condition, has topic tests for every dot point of the syllabus and tests for each module/whole syllabus, $25
- atar notes complete course biology notes: old syllabus but still has some relevant information (some is relevant for year 11 as well), has highlighting, $5
- Cambridge checkpoints biology: notes and includes online revision tools like online quizzes, barely used (because I lost it during the year), $20
- excel biology book: has extensive summaries for every topic of the syllabus, good condition, $25
- excel success one HSC biology: has past HSC questions and sample HSC exams, great condition (no marks), great for revision, $25

- Cambridge checkpoints year 12 CAFS book: includes online revision, good condition, $20

- excel HSC food tech book: complete course notes for the whole syllabus, good condition, $22

message for more details, and shipping costs

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