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Selling HSC and PRELIMINARY Textbooks for Biology, Food Technology, Maths Standard, English Standard and Plays for Drama (Verbatim) (1 Viewer)


New Member
Dec 14, 2019
Hey guys! I'm selling my HSC textbooks. Some of the textbooks are electronic and some are the physical textbook. I can assure you that all texts are in excellent condition, with minimal highlighting and annotations on the Crucible textbook.

The texts available are:

Biology (New Syllabus)
  • Full Course Biology HSC Notes Textbook From ATAR Notes for $15
  • Year 12 Biology In Focus $20
  • Pearson Biology Student Book $20
  • HSC Year 12 Biology Topic Tests Textbook From ATAR Notes for $15
  • Talking To Terrorists $10
  • Parramatta Girls $10
Food Technology
  • Textbook: Food Technology In Action Textbook $20
Maths Standard (New Syllabus)
  • CambridgeMATHS Stage 6 Mathematics Standard 1 Year 12 $15
  • CambridgeMATHS Stage 6 Mathematics Standard 1 Year 11 $15
  • Oxford Insight Mathematics Standard 2 Year 12 Student book + obook assess $20
  • Oxford Insight Mathematics Standard 1 Year 12 Student book $15
  • Oxford Insight Mathematics Standard (Year 11) Student book + obook assess $20
  • HSC New Century Maths 11 Mathematics Standard (Pathway 2) $15
English Standard (New Syllabus)
  • Selling Henry Lawson's Short Stories Book $15
  • Selling The Crucible play $10 (Act 1 annotated)

If you would like multiple books I am happy to arrange a great deal! I'm also happy to send through images of the books upon request.

Email me at faith.edeko1@gmail.com if you're interested.
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