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Jul 28, 2020
So i've got bored of vegetating and started going out on long walks with my youngest daughter and whilst i'm enjoying the time with her, the walks aren't really challenging enough so i'm looking at weekends in the peak district doing some of the hill walks around there.

Which brings me onto decent footwear, like all shoes and boots theres loads out there and in the current climate its not easy or fair all round to spend time in shops trying on lots of different manufacturers.

so here i am asking the good people on AVF for recommendations.

I have quite wide feet and usually take a size 10 in shoes / boots so which manufacturers would you recommend that would fit this criteria i would also want waterproof as well.

I dont see this as just a summer activity but looking at continuing through the winter as well so will also be looking at recommendations on waterproof jackets, trousers, day sacks etc

Any advice welcome including different walks etc

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