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Mar 18, 2019
Hello! I’m kinda new to this website but it feels like a very welcoming environment so I decided to make an account. :) So basically, I’m in year 9 and recently got accepted to an accelerated class for maths. It’s only been like 7 weeks and I’m already struggling, mostly due to the fact that the class moves too fast for me and I can’t seem to cope well with the amount of homework and tests we are given. I feel like I’m not learning to my full ability as my teacher seems to skip many formulas and concepts that I haven’t even learnt yet in year 8 as she expects us to know them already. And by the time I’m getting used to using these formulas, she gives us a test with more advanced questions on them. I feel very embarrassed when the teacher asks me a question and I don’t know how to do it when everyone else knows how to do it, which happened to me quite a lot so far. I feel like I’m the worst student in my class, and it’s a really crappy and lonely feeling to have. So far, we have done three tests. The first test, I got 89% which I thought was okay until I realised the average was 93% meaning that almost everybody in the class got higher than me. :( On the second test, I dont know what happened but I did really really bad with a score of 77% when the average was 92%!! I know I got last because the teacher tends to read the highest score to the lowest. And guess what? I was last:(( I tend to be a very anxious person so when I get put into a situation of extreme pressure, I kinda break down a bit and I think that was what happened in the middle of the test. Immediately when I got my test back, I started crying bc it was the worst I have ever got in a maths test, and I knew the fact that if I do rlly badly in my exams, I will get kicked out of the class. I told my mum I really want to move down but she forces me to stay in accelerated. I don’t want to disappoint her tho so I’m really trying my best. I have another test on Wednesday and I’ve been studying all day but the concepts aren’t rlly getting through my head and I’m getting really frustrated and scared. It’s gotten to the point where every time I walk into my maths class, I get really shaky, nervous and break into a sweat. I feel really scared about the upcoming test because I know I’m going to do bad:( Does anyone have any advice? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Dec 8, 2017
As an Accelerated student for 3 hsc subjects I do understand where you are coming from. Back in year 10 when this system was implemented, it was pre easy for me since I somehow sacked the other subjects, which are non Hsc, and did surprisingly well at them. Which i am happy for. Now in year 11, its all a hodge podge. All my subjects matter to me. I chose them.

I think not seeing accelerated as a necessity but rather a priviledge helps. Maths is something where it can be you best friend or worst enemy.
But keep in mind your worst enemy could be your best friend if you tend to them. Care about the subject like it defines who you are. Rather than it being a burdern, think about it as an asset to change humanity. What are your goals and aspirations. What are you into? Link it to maths.

Get ahead in holidays. Thats my best tip. Atleast 4 chapters ahead of your cohort will help. So when the teachers smash you with concepts you already know. You will feel accomplished and really great. When YOU are the only one who can answer their questions.

That 77% is what will give u the band 6 in mathematics. The human mind is so strange. Throw in misfortune and defeat and it brings out the best in character of an individual. You mother does not force you but rather she loves you. She wants you to be better. Thats why, dont blame her. But instead go to her RIGHT NOW and give her a hug. Without them you can not even go to a proper school everyday. Really be appreciative of others. Your teachers and peers. Ask questions. IF you think they are dumb, you are kidding yourself. That is the same question that someone else had or have.

The best of students in maths are who dont see it as burden but rather appreciates its effects and where it takes you as a person.

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