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This guy offers tuition, good!! (1 Viewer)


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Jan 29, 2005
Where am I?
PwarYuex offers Ancient History tuition - his best area is Egypt. He's pretty good, he's doing Ancient History at Uni combined with a law degree so he knows what he is talking about. Contact him via email:



Can I please now stress that:

1: I try to help, I will go out of my way to help.
2: I'm very busy, so if it's a bad time for me, tough luck.
3: Be rude to me or waste my time, I will instantly block you. Instantly.
4: I am a jerk, so if you actually want notes, you have to play by my rules of telling me your BOS username, telling me what you need help with, and NOT, I repeat NOT, just ask for my notes.
5: If you don't like my notes, or they don't make sense, I'll talk to you if you're nice and I'm not busy. If you're a dick and come out with :

-x@hotmail has added you-

Pwar: heya
x: i need ur notes
I'm not going to help you.

That's all.

new email: rob.p@optusnet.com.au
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bright_angell said:
for the fiftieth time u ding bat- i DID NOT ask for PwarYuex notes! why must u insist on that? its plain and simple-

the only thing i did in those threads was a) question his idea of "helping"
b) condemn his idea of "helping"
and c) not let go of an argument i refuse to ignore when i strongly beleive u ppl are in it for nothing more than those measley little boxes u use for a reputation at my expense...
seriously dudes grow up and if u plan on helping everyone- dont dictate HOW or WHAT people should ask- thats the job of the student inquiring- however- if u are not prepared to help anyone and everyone due to some conflict- then try expressing urself in the nicest possible way since ur claims and boasting of "giving up all ur study time and stack of work" to "help everyone on this board" can become quite misleading- all im saying is a little bit of kindness never went astray- and that whole "help" thread i set up a while ago could have gone in a totally different direction and i wouldnt be sitting here explaining to u my obvious motives for a comeback- i mean who wouldnt reply at being offened to the likes of somebody whose lil green boxes (and of-coarse hours of assistance to this board) sheild him from offense ...im supposed to sit back and take it all?

As if i would stop arguing- as if u would PwarYuex- and those who've ignorantly posted without anything on the matter....

after all, we are history students ;)

For the final time. You don't know me. You don't know who I help. You're not helping anyone by trying to discredit me. You did ask for the board's help in TWO, yes TWO threads- one of which you deleted, go figure?

You are a total retard. You have no idea what you're talking about. Like I said, you made your point, but you keep doing it? Are you going through a bad couple of days or something, and have come here to take it out on me?

Those who have "ignoratnly posted" as you said, KNOW ME. You DON'T. Go figure? Anyway, you argue incoherently and without any kind of structure or referencing whatsoever. It's like arguing with my little sister, totally pointless.

1. We get it, you don't like me. YOU'VE MADE YOUR POINT. EVERYONE GETS IT.
2. You think I'm an idiot. EVERYONE GETS IT.
3. You think I'm arrogant. EVERYONE GETS IT.
4. etc, etc, etc.
Lastly. You're wasting everybody's time. You don't know me, yet you're trying to make a judgement. We had an argument in another thread, and you're being a bitch because of it. EVERYONE GETS IT.


Edit: I think she deleted the post. Hopefully she's gotten the idea that we get it, and most of us don't care.

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