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Transferring into a new High School?? Urgent! (1 Viewer)


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Jun 10, 2019
I currently go to a top 15 selective high school right now and I am thinking of transferring into a better selective school next year (for yr11). I've kept good grades recently but I'm not the best of the best. I have considered trying out for James Ruse, North Sydney Boys and Baulkham Hills. I just wanted to know if it is necessary to transfer at this stage (me being in yr10) and if it will help me academically and socially. I need to hand in the applications soon so plz give me any feedback.

And, I have just come across that a preference list is needed to apply for the schools. I just want to know if is best to place Baulkham Hills first in the preference list since it is less demanding than Ruse and potentially easier to get in since James ruse is the number one high school in NSW. Also, I've been wanting some information on how the teaching quality and the facilities are at any of these schools. So, if you have attended or are attending any of these schools, plz give me a reply. :)

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