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Feb 22, 2017
Sydney, Australia
So, I want to transfer to B. Security Studies at MQ. I'm a current student at MQ (doing a B.A) with 15cp completed and a low credit average. Looking at the selection criteria, I must have four credit grades in PICT first year subjects (the department who runs Security Studies- PICT110, PICT111, PICT112, PICT113) units. I only have completed one of the four units (which I worked hard for, and got a credit). The four compulsory units which I must complete for an internal transfer are spaced out during the year.

I do not want to spend 2018 working hard to get a credit in a subject, and neglecting my electives (and before you say getting a credit is easy, keep in mind when you are competing against 300 people and yeah, the PICT staff are tough markers)

Should I look into an external transfer (UAC) over the process of Macquarie? I mean, am I breaking any rules by doing this? I already have a current UAC application (long, long story) so I've already paid the application fee. Would I get in trouble by skipping the process that is meant for internal students?

Any answers would be appreciated.

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