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Jan 2, 2004
For those of you who may be considering the University of Sydney or those of you who are already here but can't remember, here are some useful links:

The University of Sydney's Website
The best place to start in terms of looking at degrees/units of study and all other academically related pieces of information

The Union Website
The Union provides student services within the university. This includes the maintenance of the three union buildings called Manning, Wentworth and Holme, the bars (Manning and Hermanns) and the Clubs and Soc's program. Many services and events require the purchase of a USU Access Card. Full details can be found here.

The Students Representative Council

The University Library
You can peruse the catalogue from home to see what is available in all of the University's 20 libraries across the 9 campuses.
You can also access the database for other journal articles and comments from around the world. You'll need to be a USyd student to access this.
Old Exam papers are also located here.

Main Campus Map
Lost? Don't know where you're going for that next tute/lecture/exam? Take a look at the map!

Very important for current USyd Students. This is your portal to your uni e-mail and important information such as your exam timetables, seat numbers, where you can go to change a bad subject etc. (Mostly through Student Self Administration)

There are two other online learning tools that you may encounter - WebCT and Blackboard depending on which faculty you are in and what units of study you are doing. Lecture notes and other online facilities are here. Check with individual units of study for details.


The Bored of Studies USYD forum

Subject Reviews
This is a very useful thread. Although not compulsory, in the interest of helping fellow students, most members will post a little blurb about the units of study they have just completed, enabling future students to see what others who went before them thought about this and that. Very useful if you want to know what others thought and want a second opinion on a unit of study.

These reviews have been compiled and published in an pdf avaliable here: USYD Unit of Study Reviews

Important Threads

Within this forum, there are threads on the top of the listings marked as "Important", known in the internet vernacular as stickies. The following is a run down of what you may see there.

If you have any other threads you think be stickied, please send me (Rafy) a PM with a link and short description.

Roll Call
Every year we have a Roll Call thread. Its here that you can see all the other people who got into USyd and, usually I'm pretty good with updating the very first post to reflect everyone in it, plus a bonus .pdf document with links to everyones usernames for easy reference.This is really useful to track down people doing your course, or who may be doing a course you want to do.

>> Current Roll Call: BOS USYD Roll Call 2012
>> Previous Years Roll Calls: 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | 2008 | 2009 | 2010 |

Chatter Thread
Each semester we have a Chatter thread, which basically is the place to go to talk about miscellaneous things for the semester - what things have changed, complaints about lecturers etc. It should not be a substitute for a MSN conversation but is definatley the place to go to get sympathy about that crap lecturer or gush about the cute guy/girl in your tute. :)
Please keep miscellaneous conversation which tends to crop up elsewhere around the forum to the Chatter thread. If you have a specific topic to discuss, then make a new thread! :)

>> Current Chatter Thread: 2012 USYD Chatter Thread

Timetable thread
During each semester we'll often have a Timetable Thread where you can compare, bitch, ask, fuss, palpitate and complain about your timetable. At exam time, we'll have exam timetable threads too where you can talk about the exam timetable (which changes from semester to semester)

Examples of past timetable threads:
Semester 2 Timetable'06
Semester 2 exam timetable

Exam Results
Of course, when Exam Results come out, you'll want to talk about that too, so we'll often have those threads too.

>> Most recent: Results and Predictions (Semester 2 2008)

Discussion about Residential Colleges
Discussion and questions can be answered here from Bored of Studies members who live on campus at the colleges or have experienced them. For more general information about the colleges, this link contains the names of all the colleges on campus, their respective websites and contact details.

Finally, depending on the time of year, we'll often have a thread about Elections or their aftermath or a current political event occuring on campus - this forum is full of people who know and take their student politics very seriously. We also have threads about the Faculty Revues which happen each year in second semester.

Faculty Subforums

This forum has a number of subforums dedicated to the largest of the university faculties. Please post threads pertaining faculty-specific matters in the appropriate subforum.

Faculty of Law
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Business School
Faculties of Engineering and IT
Faculty of Education and Social Work
Faculties of Health (Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Health Sciences, and Nursing & Midwifery)
Affiliate Campuses (Cumberland, SCA and The Conservatorium of Music)

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