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UTS Bachelor of Accounting Co-Operative Scholarship 2021 (1 Viewer)


Mar 17, 2020

That time of year has come around with cadetship and scholarship applications opening up - and now is a great time to think about your options after high school.

I'm pleased to announce that the UTS Bachelor of Accounting (Co-operative Scholarship) Program (BAcc) has just opened its applications for the 2022 intake!

This is an exceptional scholarship program aimed at high achieving and all-rounder Year 12 students who are interested in pursuing a future career in business/commerce or finance. As a current student in the BAcc program, I'm here to provide you with all the information you need and answer any questions that you may have about the program, or the UTS itself.

Now, what is BAcc?
The UTS Co-Op Program is a career development scholarship that progresses students into professionals and not just graduates at the end of their university degree. The program incorporates industry experience, leadership/professional development, networking and mentoring. With BAcc, you have not only a three-year business degree but also the opportunity to have two six-month, full-time, industry placements at one of our 27 sponsor organisations. This ultimately provides the chance to experience a year's worth of work experience split between two of Australia's most highly sought-after companies. The industries of these companies include accounting, banking, insurance, and even property!

The sponsorship firms include PwC, Allianz, Westpac Group, Commonwealth Bank, Foxtel, Coca-Cola Amital, QBE, KPMG, EY, THE ICONIC + many more!

Additionally, BAcc holds various networking and social events throughout the year, where you will have the opportunity to become a tightly knit group of future professionals. Other activities such as company presentations, site visits, career fairs and award evenings will allow you to gain an insight into accounting and business by networking with industry professionals and leaders.

In financial terms, you will also receive a $54,000 tax-free scholarship over the life of your degree - paid fortnightly! This ultimately works out to be approximately $17,000 per year. Also, as a testament to the strength of the program and its hard-working students, there has been a historic graduate employment rate of 95% with students earning a starting salary of $70,000+.

Furthermore, there is the flexibility to tailor the BAcc course to your own specific interests by choosing either a 2nd major (since the Accounting major is compulsory), 2 sub-majors or even a sub-major with electives.

Why did I choose BAcc?
Ultimately, this question will vary for everyone, and you will have the opportunity to hear from other students by attending our Information Evening (details to follow).

However, very early on, I knew that business was where I wanted to be and that a standard Business or Commerce course wasn't for me. Around the beginning of Year 12, my career advisor mentioned applying for BAcc. Sitting behind an ancient computer, crunching numbers with an impractically large calculator was the initial idea of accounting that came to my mind, but then I remembered what my mentor once told me; "accounting is the language of business" and the more I learned about the program, the industry experience and the versatility it offered, the more my view of accounting changed. Eventually, I was confident that this was where I wanted to be.

But why accounting?
Accounting is recognised by big business employers as a highly desirable qualification for graduates to hold, and business leaders today increasingly have this sort of background.

The role of accountants has changed dramatically over the last 10 years; they are now people called on to analyse the factors behind business success and failure and provide critical analysis for company directors and board members. As a Bachelor of Accounting graduate you will have more potential than virtually any other professional - in terms of long-term employment and salary prospects, rewards and job security, opportunities for travel and working overseas, challenges and job satisfaction.

I've attached some resources, but if you have any questions regarding BAcc - please post here (for the benefit of others), visit the UTS Bachelor of Accounting website or PM me.

There will be a BAcc Information Evening held in May. It's highly recommended that you attend this event if you are looking at applying for BAcc.

Key Dates:
WEDNESDAY 12th May 2021: BAcc Information Evening
FRIDAY 21st May 2021: Round 1 Applications Close
FRIDAY 15th October 2021: Round 2 Applications Close


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