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What should I do for my Subject Selection??? (1 Viewer)


back from the dead
Feb 26, 2013
on the moon
Ok..so I know there are a lot of threads on this..but I sort of need some help. I got my course booklet today with all the courses my school offers in it, and I am more confused than ever with all these choices. Last year I had my heart set on science and that i wanted to do science in uni..but now idk D:
So here is what I was thinking of doing:
-Ancient History
-Extension 1 Maths
-Software Design and Development
and I was thinking I would do Biology, just to have another science subject. It could be interesting but Im not a huge fan of it but i think i may prefer it over physics.
I am still unsure of whether to do Advanced English or Standard English. I am in the top year 10 english class, but...I don't like to write essays and the teacher who spoke to us about the english courses said Advanced has a lot of essay writing and you need to devote a lot of time to it. English isnt a major subject to me, i would rather focus more on science and maths. Im not sure if id cope with the work load of advanced english, ext 1 maths and chemistry and possibly bio if i cant even keep up with my work now (im really lazy but when it comes to exam time i study like mad) Also, I was thinking of maybe doing PDHPE...if it isnt all theory. I really should've chosen PASS for one of my electives for year 9 and 10 but i chose food tech instead T_T i hate foodtech. why was i so stupid? =.= anyway, my question is, what exactly do you do in stage 6 PDHPE and do you have practical lessons? Or, is there a subject similar to PASS that you can do for year 11 and 12? I really like sports and one of my backup goals was to maybe become a PE Teacher. I like the look of Sports Coaching (the VET course) but it is so different to all of the other subjects I chose and I don't know what my dad would say about it :/ he doesn't know that I was considering to be a PE teacher :p He always thought I would do something sciency.
But yeah, I dont know. I have a few different things that I want to do when I leave school...all COMPLETELY different to eachother.
I really enjoy gaming and drawing and thought maybe game design or animation would be super cool to do.
I really enjoy science and love chemistry, but i dont quite know what course I want to do in uni (hence me wanting to do 2 science subjects, just to be on the safe side) and I don't know what jobs are out there for sciency people.
Computer science looks cool too :p but I am not sure if that is what I want to do.
Aaaand I really like sports so I wanted to do something in sports for a little while. Im not sure anymore. I am not sure of anything anymore. Can you guys give me a few tips on what I can do and what I should do?


Jul 10, 2013
I would strongly recommend Eng Adv. You can always drop it for yr 12. Just keep in mind that you are very likely never to get a band 6 in Standard, and if you are aiming for an ATAR over 90, Adv English is the way to go. Both require essay writing anyway and, in my opinion, History subjects (I do Modern) contain more tedious essay writing than English.

I'm not familiar with PE, but I believe there is a lot of theory work.


I complete the Squar3
Sep 11, 2011
My bathtub
Choose biology or something you really do like doing.
PDHPE is all theory. You might have a bit of fun now and again, but it is theory only.

As for english, both standard and advanced have essay writing. Both have lots of essay writing. You can't escape it.
I'd say go with Advanced. English may not be your focus subject, but it WILL get counted no matter how many units you have or what you choose.

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