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I'm trying to say this in a really nice way, but please stop putting others down due to their marks, academic capabilities or whatever. You don't understand what these people are going through especially during these hard times. These people could be suffering from depression and what you're doing is just purely hurting the life out of them.
Instead, be positive and encourage them, so they can do better in their future. We are all humans and we have the potential to improve and succeed in life. And I'm sure that's the same approach and mindset you had when you were in your final school years.
hey incel, get a fucking life and stop trying to make people feel bad about their marks. oh and while ur at it, consider kys
lol ur such a fucking incel consider getting a gf or something .. oh wait .. u cant even get friends, let alone a gf. stop trying to make people feel horrible over their marks
Hey! Was wondering what are the predictions going around for the Economics essay questions this year? I'm happy to post our school's economic essay questions that we received for trials ! :)