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    HSC Advanced Mathematics Predictions / Thoughts

    Anyone know where I can get the exam from now that it is complete?
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    What raw marks in extension 2 generally correspond to state ranks?

    Pretty sure you need 95+ Raw for a state rank but it also depends on your internal mark.
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    HSC solutions 2018

    anyone got a copy of the paper? wanna have a look over some qs
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    Physics Exam Thoughts

    In general, the top of the state gets 93/94 raw. There is no way that 10% of the phys cohort will get more than 86
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    2018 HSC Maths MX1 Discussion

    solutions from NGO and SUNS didn't show that |r| < 1 for 4 marker at the end. I think they would lose a mark
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    Carrotsticks' Extension 2 HSC 2018 Solutions + Memes

    2 things, Looking for a copy of the paper, is there anything anywhere? With the rotation of the conic point thingo, i made it into a complex number and multiplied by i then converted it back. It got me the answer so I hope I'm not wrong.
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    BoS Maths Trials 2018

    Congrats to whoever got 74 and 70 thats pretty good on a fairly challenging paper
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    Question 16 Predictions??

    Honestly you can't tell. They could do probability again just a different style of question, seeing as 2016 and 2017 last question were from vastly different areas of probability. They literally could ask a hard question on halving the interval (was in my trial once), Pascal's triangle or even...
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    Music 2 Exam Thoughts

    Noone from my school has ever seen balance. Everyone was very confused at what is exactly balanced? Is it another word for unity?
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    BoS Maths Trials 2018

    When are the solutions coming up, just out of curiosity?
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    BoS Maths Trials 2018

    Honestly if anyone passes either of them, they pretty much can guarantee a state rank. Thank god this is not the hsc lmaoooooo
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    BoS Maths Trials 2018

    Both the papers were challenging and orginal in their own ways. Questions such as the milk one in 3u and non-uniform circular which turned into a projectile were both creative and challenging. Thanks again for an amazing day, never gonna forget being humiliated that much!!!!!
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    I'm a civil engineer. Ask me anything you want to know about Civil Eng.

    What about more specifically in engineering, I'm doing 4u maths and aiming for 90 raw which is pretty solid. What's the difference between uni and school maths as well?
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    I'm a civil engineer. Ask me anything you want to know about Civil Eng.

    How useful is maths in real life? Please tell me it is
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    CSSA Paper 1 Thoughts??

    Anyone remember the questions or have a copy? My school writes their own trials and always love to see the Catholic ones as they are usually harder.