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AMAZING notes check out his chem notes as well, very organised and accurate
it's an aight depth study very detailed very nice
also why am i hashtagged in the description 💀
Helped me fill in the gaps! Really helped me understand as well
woah the connections between each piece of analysis is crazy good + so insightful, I understand why this got 20/20
Great notes, what is the source for the last part from Lang where he talks about New York as the inspiration for Metropolis?
Thank you so much! I love how you succinctly put the information in a cohesive system thats not too bulky. This is going to help a lot!
The Latex typeset is great. Is there any chance of getting the Latex code of how you did this? I'm still learning Latex.
very good notes appreciate it
Helped a lot for my first economics test at school!! Love how it was clear and easy to read. Thank you!!!