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Latest reviews

Well done its actually great
It is a PowerPoint with some points ~ better to look somewhere else :(
Your notes on how to adapt the essay to any question are really helpful
Thanks, glad it was helpful :)
This looks so well written - great resource!
Very good notes. Awesome diagrams and pictures.
These are short and concise. Very helpful if you want to quickly revise or have a summary of the Greek period.
This source was a great help to me in year 10 and it is very well written.
These notes are awesome :) very thorough in details but I am definitely not one to talk I'm so bad at summarising. These are so visually beautiful tho omg I wanna know what font you were using.
thank you so much!!! these were the fonts:
title was cleopatra,
main headings were nanum brush script,
subheadings were otsutome font,
body is STKaiti
hope this helps!
This is amazing!! Must have taken ages
yes!! thanks!! i don't even know if i'll have the willpower to do the y12 version ahah
Good resource, would help if the title was labelled properly because I originally didn't know what subject it was for until I downloaded it...
Thankyou, just changed it
These notes are really good, only suggestion would be to simplify any information if possible as remembering big chunks of info on one thing can be quite overwhelming. Good job though : )
eheheh good tip!
my idea for these were to basically put every dot point into a memorisation software like Anki, and then memorise it that way