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    usually Marko Beocanins state ranking essays are pretty good
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    Internal Rank Importance

    na nah this doesnt happen. One of my mates in the year above bombed his first chem assessment so he ended up having to cop an 89 internal mark but in the hsc he got 95 external, but his overall was 92. Another one got a 96 internal for chem but ended up with a 100 in the external exam so...
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    Does anybody know how much tutoring centres pay for graduates?

    do u tutor? If so where and how much is their pay?
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    How many hours of study for 99+ ATAR?

    Maths is a skill. It is developed and people can become good at it. On the other hand u see english is different. There r some people who r naturally good at english (the rank 1 in my school is and hence he just memorises quotes the night before or week before as he can make up amazing anaslysis...
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    How many hours of study for 99+ ATAR?

    I do strongly agree with you. I have friends who are clocking in hours of games a day as in i can see on disocord they r on league or val etc and they manage to get predicted atars of 99.6. At the same time i have friends who have been studying for hours and waking up at dawn to start studying...
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    Do uni grades matter or do you just chill and study?

    nah i asked two different med students (one at unsw and one at wsu) do marks matter if u wanna do like surgery or wanna get into a speciality later. They just said "its research, residency, experience, good interviews" etc that matter. and ur marks doesnt matter as long as u passed. Although...
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    How many trial papers should I do for each of my subject

    I agree with memorising essays and believe that it is a great startegy. However, for example if they give u a curveball question for module b like talking about one character where u will have to write a whole essay for just one character (e.g Falstaff from khiv) but u have memorised an essay...
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    State Ranking in Sciences and Maths

    hypothetically what if u get an internal mark of like 89/90 and then in ur externals u somehow get like 99. Then what happens to ur overall and do u still sr. Ik a person who got like 96 internal, 100 external for chem last year (overall was 98) and he got a sr for chem, even tho ik people that...
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    Impact of trials on ranks

    could be large depending on how far people are from the standard deviation. Like what im thinking (but obv not too sure) is that the trial will be worth 30-40-50% and be out of 100 right so u will have people who get low 90s (at the top) and even some tail enders getting 40-50 maybe even lower...
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    handwriting in the hsc

    for me i have pretty shit hand writing. At this point trying to make it neat would compromise the word count, especially in timed conditions and going into trials and hsc would mean that i would need some time atleast 5mins per essay to think of how to adapt my essay and actually adapt it cause...
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    handwriting in the hsc

    also in hsc english essays dont they just read ur intro and skim thru everythign else, so a majority of ur marks come from the intro itself. So would it be ight to just write the into very neatly and then kinda go as fast/messily as normal for the rest of the essay
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    Studying for ucat

    do u guys have any tips for vr specifically regarding how to determine the main aim of the passage without having to read the whole text
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    If intramolecular forces do affect boiling and melting point, how would this be?

    They dont. Only intermolecular forces do lol
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    how do i revise science

    Yeah its good that u understand. Simply just brush up then as in keep revising ur notes, make flow charts of the ideas and theres some good ones like making silly names (for exmaple i memorised the order of em waves using the name Rabbits Mate In Very Unusual eXpensive Gardens --> RMIVUXG so try...