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Recent content by absydau

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    UNSW Law LAT Test Tutoring

    Hi, I am booked to take the LAT exam at the end of this month and was wondering if you are able to take 1 or 2 classes for me, to share the tips and techniques please. many thanks in advance and please also advise about your hourly rate.
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    Preliminary Physics and chemistry

    Hi all, Since annual exams are fast approaching, please provide any past paper or study techniques for both physics and chemistry.
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    Preliminary Chemistry and physics study techniques and past papers

    Hi All, Since Annuals are coming soon, just wondering does any one have study techniques or past papers to share for both preliminary chemistry and physics please
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    Latin Continuers tutors recommendation

    Thanks. If you can recommend him, it would be much appreciated. I will take up your suggestion for smaller queries.
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    Latin Continuers tutors recommendation

    Thanks. Will wait for @Pikapizza to hopefully respond :)
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    Latin Continuers tutors recommendation

    Hi Guys, I am in Year 11 doing Latin and planning to do Latin Continuers next year. I am just wondering if any one could recommend me some good Latin Tutor who can just mark my work and give feedback in my translations. Any suggestions are appreciated.