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    Physics Exam Thoughts

    cut off is probably gonna be 87 cause it was the easiest physics paper in the hsc
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    Physics Exam Thoughts

    some people just fake it as well, cause anybody can edit it
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    Physics Exam Thoughts

    ummm guys matrix already put up the solutions for the physics test, you can check your answers for the mutlis
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    E4 cut-off?

    sweet, got 61, praying for 94
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    2018 HSC Maths MX1 Discussion

    yea apparently alot of people get 100% in ext 1 so they actually look at your working out, and how suffiecently u answered the question, like the quick ways and shit
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    2018 HSC Maths MX1 Discussion

    na u got that right, cause thats the exact same thing i did, but the answer should be 19. something
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    2018 HSC Maths MX1 Discussion

    tbh i don't know why everyone was saying question 14 was hard, the only hard part was the limiting sum question, everything else was pretty standard
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    2018 HSC Maths MX1 Discussion

    you guys think 62 will scale to 94-95
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    Help for Second Derivatives

    Could someone help me out, in finding the minimum acceleration
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    E4 Cut OFF

    do you think its gonna be like 2017
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    E4 Cut OFF

    Wat do u guys think
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    MX2 Exam Thoughts

    Yea i don't know, l do think it was a harder paper then 2017, but it wasn't one of the harder papers where high 60s scale to E4. Hopefully E4 is around low to mid 70s. Anybody agree?
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    HSC Biology Exam [Discussion]

    Ever heard of Darwin's finiches, some had smaller beakers. Plus search it up on google, they said that snakes had evolution
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    Question 16 Predictions??

    if they ask a financial maths question i am actually gonna be fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkedd
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    English Advanced Paper 2 [Discussion/Thoughts]

    yeah u can do that, thats what i did, but you also have to link it to the uncomfortable truth and how that evokes empathy, as they highlight the importance of literature in doing this. Cause you havn't answered the question, uncomfortable truth would be gender inequality and global inequality...